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Delinquency Rate Sees Largest Monthly Increase Since November 2014


-+*May 2015's increase was also the largest month-over-month spike for any month since it jumped by 12 percent in November 2014. That month, just like May 2015, ended on a Sunday. According to Black Knight, months that end on a Sunday historically trigger increases in delinquency rates; the top five month-over-month increases in the last seven years have all come on months that ended on a Sunday, Black Knight reported.

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Housing Growth Expected to Slow For the Remainder of 2015

Outlook, Fitch Ratings

-+*In January, the company forecasted total national housing market growth for 2015 to reach 1.3 percent, more than five percent lower than growth for 2014 at 6.7 percent. The adjusted forecast presumes that year-end national growth will come in at 2.6 percent, falling within the projected range of 1 percent to 3 percent.

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AACER: Bankruptcy Filings Up Only Slightly in June Despite Two More Filing Days


-+*Bankruptcy filings in June 2015 experienced only a slight month-over-month increase despite having two more filing days in June than in May, according to June 2015 AACER bankruptcy data reported by Epiq Systems. In June 2015, there were 69,723 total bankruptcy filings, an increase of only 412 (only about half of 1 percent) from May's total of 69,311, despite June having 22 filing days compared to 20 for May.

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SFR Vacancy Rate Stays Flat While Delinquency Rate Rises Slightly


-+*Vacancy rates among single-family rental securitizations remained relatively flat month-over-month despite a general trend of a rising number of lease expirations, according to data reported by Morningstar Credit Ratings in its June 2015 Single-Family Research: Performance Summary Covering All Morningstar Rated Securitizations released Monday.

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Agency Purchase Loans Increase Substantially; Risk Index Hits Series High


-+*May's NMRI stood at 12.33 percent, which was an increase of 0.4 percentage points from the prior three-month average and a jump of 0.7 percentage points from May 2014, according to AEI. The composite risk index reached a series high, as did the index for Veterans Affairs-backed loans, while the share of high-risk loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) increased.

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