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Market Studies

Working for Women

The disparity between men and women in leadership positions and compensation is one of the most pressing issues facing the financial services sector today. Ocwen shares how the company is making this issue a priority with their Ocwen Global Women’s Network.

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Dwindling Inventory, Glass Half Full

Home sales have been reaching some highs, but August may show a different trend. Falling inventory and rising prices could bring new hurdles to the market.

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Construction Job Openings On the Rise

Job openings—and construction jobs, in particular—are up, and so are hires. So why did one expert call today's job report a "disappointment?"

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Hot or Not?

Square footage and newly renovated kitchens may contribute to property value, but according to research, investors should look more at the economic health of the area. Take a look at America’s hottest and coolest areas.

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Diversity: Influencing the Mortgage Industry

Making homebuyers’ dreams a reality is the goal of every great lender, but in the past few years, how that goal is achieved has changed . . .

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What’s Really Driving the Real Estate Market?

According to Robert Shiller, the housing market could falter if the mortgage interest deduction is reformed. See what else he had to say in the Video Spotlight.

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Which companies are merging, and what professionals are moving? See some highlights in this update of the housing and mortgage industries.

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Making Amends

Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan addressed his team on Tuesday to share the measures the bank is taking to amend the harm done in previously opening unauthorized accounts. See how Sloan plans to rebuild trust in Wells Fargo stakeholders.

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All Signs Point Toward…

Rick Sharga, EVP of Ten-X, held a live webinar on Tuesday to discuss his 2017 mid-year housing update and his views the state of the industry.

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