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Drop in REO Sales is Driving Continued Decline in Cash Sales Share


-+*May 2015's cash sales share of nearly 32 percent was down by 31 percent from the peak of 46.5 percent recorded in January 2011. CoreLogic estimates that if the cash sales share continues to decline at the same rate as it did in May 2015, the cash sales share should fall back down to its pre-crisis level of 25 percent by the middle of 2017.

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Distressed Sales Share Continues Year-Over-Year Decline, Falls to 12.1 Percent


-+*March's distressed sales share was the lowest percentage for any March since 2007. According to CoreLogic, distressed sales usually experience a month-over-month decline in March due to seasonality; this past March, the distressed sales share fell by 1.9 percentage points from February. According to CoreLogic, 8.4 of home sales were REO (real estate-owned) transactions in March 2015, while 3.7 percent were short sales, totaling 12.1 percent.

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REO Share Still Way Above ‘Normal’ Levels in Many Metros


-+*In CoreLogic's May 2015 MarketPulse released earlier this week, Boesel examined the question of whether or not REO share was headed back toward "a more normal level." Its most recently measured rate of 10 percent is far below the share at the worst of the crisis, which was 28 percent. In some metros, the REO share got as high as 70 percent at the worst of the crisis.

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Top Mortgage Banking Execs Convene for Inaugural Five Star Alternative Disposition Forum


-+*Topics of discussions included whether short sales are still relevant, whether or not to sell occupied properties, claims without certificate of title, resolving the "hold bucket," determining the right disposition strategy for the property, the impact of prolonged sales cycles on the community, what to evaluate when considering a property repair, and what can be done to expedite the foreclosure process on vacant and abandoned properties.

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REO Cash Sales Share Hovers Near 60 Percent


-+*The REO cash sales share percentage of 59.8 for February still has not completely recovered from what was termed a seasonal decline from November, when fell from 61.1 percent to 58.4 percent, though it did move back up to 60 percent for January.

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Investors Continue to Favor Flipping Over Renting by Narrowing Margin


-+*Overall investor intent in April's survey showed that slightly more than half (50.4 percent) of investors preferred flipping as a strategy, while 48.3 percent of investors said they intended to employ a hold-to-rent strategy. This data compared with 53.5 percent and 44.8 percent, respectively, in Q1. "Most of the country and most investor segments performed in a manner very consistent with what we’ve seen over the past year, but investment strategies in Texas appear to have shifted pretty dramatically," EVP Rick Sharga said.

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