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FHFA Releases GSE Progress Report

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have made headway on goals set forth in the 2016 Scorecard by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, according to the FHFA's Progress Report released on Wednesday. GSE efforts to improve credit access, assist borrowers, and reduce taxpayer credit risk were all noted in the agency's report. FHFA is currently soliciting comments on the Progress Report at FHFA.gov.

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Dealing with Title Defects in Foreclosure Proceedings

Defects in a chain of title can have devastating effects on the mortgage servicer’s ability to recover an asset associated with a nonperforming loan. The webinar discussed how to navigate regulation and correct mistakes, and what to look out for in judicial foreclosure states.

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Distressed Sales at 9-Year Low

The distressed sales share for December 2016 and the full year distressed sales share were both the lowest distressed sales share for any month since 2007. Before the housing crisis, distressed sales averaged around 2 percent, and the share is expected to reach that point again by mid-2018.

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Breaking Down Stereotypes

Not all investors are in it for the quick profit or fast foreclosure. Some want to help, too. Editor's note: this print feature originally appeared in the March issue of DS News.

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Why is Miami Ranked Among Weakest Markets?

Seeing Miami, commonly perceived as flourishing, in the bottom tier of home value rankings may surprise market watchers. What factors contributed to Miami's placement on Pro Teck's "Top 10 Weakest Markets" in August, and what other cities gained this dubious honor?

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