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  1. We will add Mr. Delgado’s unnecessary response the the President’s State of the Union Address to the round file (trash can) with the many others of the same vain. He pens a highly political response, and at the end issues a call to put politics aside. As with the other “responses” he speaks in generalities about what needs to be done. Send your specific ideas about job creation and increasing home ownership to the President and Congress for consideration. You know where to find them. The “late great Ronald Reagan’s” policies were a failure and partially to blame for the mess we are in today. Mr. Delgado acts as though the Executive Order is the invention of President Obama. The question is not whether or not you agree with it, but whether or not it is within his constitutional power to do so. If you think it is not, take him to court and let the third branch decide the matter. Did he raise objections when “the late great RR” issued Executive Orders? Mr. Delgado is trying to tell the President of the United States how to govern. He says that he respects the office of the President but he clearly disrespects this President. If he wants to direct the course of the nation, if he has a better idea, let him run for President. If the electorate agrees, he can implement his “better ideas” by whatever means constitutionally at his disposal.

    [Moderated for language.]

  2. Mr. Ed Delgado,

    Thank you for your clear and simple expression of the overwhelming sentiment of American citizens: The President is not the king.

    Thanks again and God bless.


  3. I echo E.C. Miles comments 100%. Well said. My agreement with E.C. comes from a fair knowledge of President Reagan and the GOP. It was my grandfather, Hon. Marshall McComb that was the CA Supreme Court judge that Ron Reagan picked to swear him into office as governor and we were friends of the Reagans. Very nice people. It might be useful to note for those that think the President is for “big government”, the federal government continued shedding jobs last month, losing another 2,000 workers for a total decline of nearly 80,000 employees in 2013 (according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data). The federal budget deficit has declined in half since 2009, from $1.3 trillion to about $600 billion. I.O.USA the movie (produced by Heritage, Brookings, Concord Coalition and Peterson Institute) is an excellent primer on the history of U.S. deficits and the debt. The dramatic non-wartime increase in annual deficits during Reagan’s 8 years was frightening. Bush’s unfunded Medicare Part D prescription drug legislation will likely cost taxpayers $410 billion and was, at the time, the biggest expansion of government-backed health care in decades (btw, the CBO forecasts the ACA will “save” taxpayers $109 billion over the 2013–2022 period). Regarding executive orders, President Obama has issued “fewer” executive orders than any of his three predecessors, at the same point in time in office. Mr. Delgado should check his facts for he writes his next column.

  4. I am shocked that Mr. Delgado use DS News as a vehicle for publicizing his personal views, via a “From the Desk Of” silver banner. Whether I agree or not is immaterial, it causes me to wonder how much of what’s posted has been slanted toward his views, rather than being pure or independent fact, and something for ME to interpret. I will view ALL future DS News articles with a jaundiced eye, assuming I even continue to read the articles.

    I agree with E C Miles about the ultimate destination of his personal proclamations, and his being a blowhard. The sliver banner on his proclamation speaks volumes about his own valuation of his views. In case Mr. Delgado missed it, these views are out of step with the voters, even today. While the POTUS approval rating is dismally down, the ratings of Congress make those of POTUS look positively wonderful.

    The US voting public IS FED UP, not only with so called “newsmen”, but mostly with politicians in general, and in particular with the ones supposed to represent us and have failed so miserably, Congress.

    Its the US voters that consume our products and services, and deserve the respect normally associated with the source of income that “feeds us” and make our lifestyles possible. We don’t need to agree 100% but we certainly need to listen. He has not, and has cherry picked the facts to support his own agenda. That’s a dangerous position for someone purportedly publishing “news”.

    I will be discounting most everything posted here going forward.

  5. Steve Meyer AVP High Risk & Hazard Claims
    0.00 (Rep Points)

    “Everyone that has a job works for an agreed upon hourly rate or salary; no one is being forced to take a job without knowing the pay rate ahead of time.”

    This is naive at best…wages have not increased with inflation. Furthermore, workers who wish to be a responsible and productive part of society take the jobs they can get and have no say in this “agreed upon hourly rate or salary.” Often there is no agreement at all, simply a take it or leave it offer.

    To disparage workers wishing to contribute to society in this way is offensive. For a news site, you would think statistics would be present to accompany your commentary.

    • HEY YOU! YES, YOU THE ONE WHO HAS A HUNGRY FAMILY. I am willing to pay you enough that they do not die, at least probably. You know up front what I am willing to pay. By the way you will not get actual money. You will get get paper money that we print and is only good in our company store. But, we only charge 15% more than you could get it for if we payed you with US currency. Please note that this is not just an attempt to make anyone look bad. It was done in mining towns in Colorado and other places for decades. The mine owners even had the Governor bring in the National Guard to quell an uprising of the huddled masses. Many of whom were shot and killed.

  6. Mr. Delgado I am not interested in your comments concerning the Presidents State of the the Union Address and I am disappointed that you would use DS News to futher your personal views.

    • Joe Mowery President, Settlement Services
      0.00 (Rep Points)

      I agree with Carla and Mr. Delgado has no business commenting on his personal views in this forum whether as a commentary or not; there is no place for his views in this platform.

  7. 2014 is the year of “Trust” and “Transition” in America.

    After several years of uprecedented and unexpected self-interjection and imposition of government and the subsequent turbulance manifest in all facets of the lives of American citizens, Americans want officials they can trust, not politicians highly versed in rhetoric and deception nor fellow citizens who do the same.

    American citizens will be voting for leaders who will protect their God-given-rights and freedoms, who will carry out the will of the people, by the people and for the people… and not use their power for themselves “the-elite ruling class”.

    The pendulum has now begun to swing in the direction of trust, honesty, integrity, righteousness.

    Americans are now in transition, trecking back toward greatness and their leadership roll in each township, burrough, city, state and region of the country… Americans are in transition back to their roots… self reliance, compassion for and helping their neighbors, and local community and country Economics 101 – “buy American”, “build American”, “sell American”. Americans get it, the light has been turned on due to shocking government abuse of power and flagrant refusal to represent the will of the people. The “slow cooking frog” has awakened due to the searing heat of government.

    Americans realize that waiting on the next federal government shoe-to-drop in Washington, DC is not a solution, but rather a power-grabbing stealth-strategy that steals Americans’ freedom.

    Americans have begun their transition of pulling themselves back up by their own bootstraps, not because of government but in spite of government. It is this simple but powerful principle which made America great and to which Americans are now transitioning back to.

    The great silent majority, clinging to their Bibles and guns, have not retreated but are regrouping.

    The American dream of home ownership is alive and well… get involved, go out and vote, and get your neighbors out to vote.

    NEVER FORGET! “We the people” are the government.

    Thank you and God bless America.

    Krist Peetz (c) 2014

  8. Otto,

    As part of our company’s leadership, Ed is as involved with the production of our publications as you would expect any leader to be. However, he understands and respects the integrity of our editorial process and does not interfere with our news articles. He gets them the same way all of our readers do: as the news is reported. When he has something to say, we run it as a commentary, the same as we would do for any other opinion piece.

    When the president speaks—no matter which president it is—it’s guaranteed you’re going to see a wide range of reactions. This is why we encourage our readership to participate in the discussion, whether it’s through comments like these, posts on the forums, or commentaries submitted for publication (like Ed’s).

    Thank you for your comment and for turning to DS News as your source for the latest in housing news.

  9. I agree with some of Mr. Delgado’s comments, but his words that “everyone won” in the financial meltdown / bailout are incredibly self-serving. What about the millions of Americans who lost their homes because of toxic loans and overvaluation? It’s clear to anyone who examines the facts that a real bailout / fix for the problems would have included mandated mortgage relief–marking the mortgages to market, forcing the institutions to re-craft them all to a fixed interest rate (whatever was current at the time), and then let the market take its course. I’ve sold many overvalued properties at short sale, and the main thing that forced those folks to sell was toxic mortgages or overvaluation that made recovery impossible in the foreseeable future.
    THAT fix was never in the works, because the institutions lobbied it out.
    In addition, I do agree about the minimum wage, except for the fact that an individual who applies for a job and cannot meet his minimum expenses is in a difficult circumstance–one that folks with jobs simply don’t understand.
    Ronald Reagan famously said that the best welfare program was a good job. I emphasize the word “good.” President Obama’s programs may not work (and probably will not), but it also will not work to trot out the mantra of, “Well, they agreed to the wage…” What choice does someone have? I have been blessed with a great deal of success in my life, but I know that there are many people who simply cannot survive on what they are paid. The lack of sympathy and interest is typical of someone who hasn’t a clue what happens to people who are suffering from the lack of a good-paying job, and who has few skills because of his or her limited talents. There are lots of those people, as well as engineers and scientists who must work for far less than their skills would dictate.
    A bit of grace and mercy would be in order here, and a suggestion as to an alternative plan, rather than “leave things as they are…” leaving things the way they are will not work either.

  10. One look at Mr. Delgado’s photo and you can tell he would not support a living wage. I’m sure the people at DS News are thrilled to hear from him.

    Just unsubscribed the newsletter. Hope you enjoy the crumpy life with Mr. D.

  11. In my humble opinion, whether I agree or disagree with the author’s position, I look to DSNews for actual news. Not someones opinion.

    Everyone has a right to their opinion. However, their opinion is not news.

    News is fact based and can be fact checked.

    I am disappointed that DSNews would allow someone to use their platform as a Bully Pulpit to express their personal feelings.

    Please note that I have been a registered Independent from the time I was able to vote. I do not subscribe to the opinions of either of the current major political parties.

    I will be reading everything else on DSNews with a grain of salt and, unfortunately will now have to fact check every thing else that I read here.

  12. Very well stated, Ed.

    Sadly, Obama defenders (a rapidly declining group) have been relegated to knee-jerk emotional rants and personal attacks when attempting to rebut the facts and unflattering truth about Barack Obama and his destructive, and failed, Obama-Reid-Pelosi regime. For those willing to face facts, it is clear that the miserable economic conditions, debilitating debt and increasingly divided electorate are directly correlated to the 7-year reign (majority, or total, control of the federal government) by the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Democrat regime. Their intransigence and blind obedience to radical big-government left-wing ideology has caused, and is still causing, substantial damage to the USA and all Americans.

    Since the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Democrats took over control of our federal government (during the last 2 years of Bush) the economy collapsed and the condition of the USA, by all major measures, has declined substantially, including but not limited to, overall economic growth, debt and deficits, employment and incomes. In fact, the income gap that the Obama regime claims such concern about, has widened farther and faster under Barack Obama and ObamaNomics. Moreover, the greatest beneficiaries of the ObamaCare debacle are the same Big Insurance and Wall Street companies that the Obama Democrats feigned such contempt for during their campaigns. Conversely, individual Americans are the big losers under ObamaNomics and ObamaCare.

    All successful presidents, Reagan and Clinton among them, used their powers of persuasion, good-faith negotiations and compromise to help move our nation forward and grow the economy for the benefit of all. Conversely, Barack Obama and his equally intransigent Democrats in the House and Senate, have arrogantly refused to even consider GOP alternatives or initiatives and continued relentless and vicious personal attacks against anyone who disagrees with them or dares to utter the unflattering truth about their demonstrably failed policies.

    The arrogance, deception and corruption of the Obama Democrats is epitomized by the manner in which they forced their ObamaCare debacle down Americans’ throats against our will, including deliberate and frequent lies and legislative shenanigans. Proof of similarly destructive corrupt conduct by Obama has also been confirmed through bi-partisan investigations in connection with the Benghazi terror attacks and the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

    Were it not for the unprecedented expansion of the Fed’s Balance Sheet (printing money to buy our own excessive debt, aka “QE” – the adverse consequences of which are yet to be fully revealed) and the domestic energy boom enabled by policies and private leases initiated during the Bush Administration, the Obama regime’s pathetic economy would have been even worse. Yet, rather than working with members of both political parties for the benefit of all Americans, Obama stubbornly refuses to face reality or work toward creating a genuinely prosperous and truly united United States of America the way great presidents, like Ronald Reagan, did.

    Obama’s latest State of the Union speech (one of the worst in history) does nothing to repair the breach nor to help put the nation on a path toward greater prosperity. In fact, Obama’s divisive and petulant rhetoric virtually ensures Americans will continue enduring more adversity until the Obama Democrats are retired and replaced with genuine pro-growth conservatives and other mature experienced leaders.

    Bottom Line: The facts are clear that Barack Hussein Obama has failed, miserably. Obama does more to divide and degrade the USA than any other force in the USA. The American people have suffered, and are suffering, as a result of the arrogant, corrupt control freaks of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Democrat regime. We deserve better. We need real leaders – selfless professional adults rather than counter-culture elitists, community organizers and political hacks with no substantive experience. We need to end the Obama-Reid-Pelosi regime’s era of destruction, corruption, lame excuses and false blame game politics and get everyone united behind the proven success of greater individual liberties and economic freedoms, as intended by our Founders.

    As we’ve all re-learned under Obama: More often than not, Government is the problem, not the solution.

  13. Just as a PS to my prior post, If this is the direction of what is going on with DSNews I WILL Unsubscribe and if you are honest with your advertisers many people unsubscribing would be a negative to your bottom line, would it not?

    I can hear the same thing on the plethora of conservative news and radio channels without even having to read. The following is only are variations of what has been said innumerable times before.

    “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

    “A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members and among the most vulnerable are surely the unborn and the dying,”
    ~Pope John Paul II

    Hmmmmmm Ghandi and a Pope. What else do you need to hear?

    You can add to this group “the former middle class”. You are supposed to be a resource for Real Estate agents and Realtors. We would not have an income without the middle class. Except for the very few who cater to the 1%. You may have very possibly made yourselves no longer relevant as it has become obvious that you have an agenda.

  14. I am very disappointed that this website is just another right wing forum for that political propaganda.
    I too will be reading DSNews with a grain of salt and will have to fact check.
    I will probably unsubscribe to this news letter if I hear anymore of this type of reteric.

    • We’re very sorry to hear that.

      Please know that Ed’s opinions are not a reflection of the beliefs of DS News. This was posted under the Commentary section, and as such, as you stated, be taken with a grain of salt, as the Commentary section features opinion pieces by a wide range of industry voices.

      The rest of the site -including all daily news articles- are posted without bias or intent beyond reporting the facts.

      I hope this serves to clarify. Have a great day.

  15. [Admin's note: Edited for content in violation of community guidelines. Please refrain from any attacks on persons.] SOMEBODY needs to take the lead and do something, anything. All the right wants to do is hold the country hostage until 2016.

  16. Adam Prince SVP, National Sales Manager
    0.00 (Rep Points)

    I am no expert on matters political or financial. Having studied modern media and communications, however, I’m concerned that the expression of an opinion such as Mr. Delgado’s is causing such a stir among the readers. Mr. Delgado’s written has clearly been relegated to the section of the site where it belongs: among the commentaries. This is not being presented as news, and yet there is backlash against this piece supposedly being a news article.

    • Avatar of Gabriel David

      I’m glad to see that someone finally voiced exactly what I was thinking :)

    • Cody

      This article WAS being masqueraded as “news” initially, it was in fact THE headline; it was later labeled as opinion after the general meltdown here. See the response by Matt Whitely to my comments above.

      DS News, you are fired. I’m warming up my delete key. Hopefully others with similar views will follow suit . You should see a 53% REDUCTION OF READERSHIP.

      I demand unbiased fact, not opinions of unknown, non-vetted self-styled pundits FROM EITHER EXTREME, be it the left or right. I can figure out most things on my own. All I need is accurate and honest data. It isn’t here…

  17. I respect and welcome the opinion of those that disagree with my views – disagreement is a fundamental freedom and expression of thought. A element of progress occurs when debate arises from opposing viewpoints. My voice and comment represent the opinion of one person – and I welcome those that both agree and disagree, for it’s this exchange that will give rise to meaningful discussions.

  18. Beth Davis Sales Support Specialist, Mortgage Services
    0.00 (Rep Points)

    Please consider the fact that a raise in minimum wages may help the people in certain communities to buy more of the homes they live in and help to create better communities and greater neighborhood stabilization. When was the last time you had to live on the minimum wage? There has to be some positive to the the President’s push to increase the minimum wage. What can your company do to help this President and the local communities make a difference?

    • Avatar of Gabriel David

      I’m not an economist but my first impression is that a raise in minimum wage would do exactly this: allow for more spending and thus more economic growth on the community-wide level. At a minimum wage of $8/hr, a person would make $1280 a month.

      Given they don’t have a family to support, they could probably get by on $300-$400 a month of groceries (that is eating frugally and never eating out) leaving $880-$980. Let’s say they have a very cheap apartment (I have never really seen anything cheaper than $600) but just to illustrate, let’s say they have a roommate and split rent 50/50). So deduct $350, they now have $530-$630 left. Now they have to pay gas to get to work, pay insurance for that car (and/or monthly car payments) – let’s just say roughly $200 for all of that. $330-$430 now remains and that is with all of my low estimates of prices.

      For minimum wage workers with families, there is almost no choice but for both spouses to work, and that may not even be enough given the price of rent will increase because of the need for more space, as will the price of groceries. As we all know, there are often unexpected costs of living as well.

      On the other side of the coin, wouldn’t an increase in minimum wages just cause inflation? So the price of bread, gas, etc. would go up essentially making the whole increase of minimum wage pointless?

  19. Kudos to Mr. Ed Delgado who expressed his views of the state of the union address…It is just but another lie pretending to do something for the poor but in the end he does nothing but divide this country, redistribute wealth, taking from the have to give to the have nots….after 5 years what statistics can democrats show for making this happen..the first 2 years in office accomplishment and they have all democrats for president,senate,and congress…OBAMACARE…turned out to be OBAMASCARE. oh by the way no single GOP voted for it. Now that it is a mess, they want to blame the GOP..why don’t they man up and take responsibility and quit being cry babies…. , nothing good has come out of it. and the democrat senators up for reelection are running away from it…they have used and abused blaming Bush on everything. Now the president said MJ is less dangerous than alcohol…too much of both affects the cognitive function of anyone. we might be seeing the results of the 60′s who are now the adults in this country and are running our government..kind of scary…especially the enemy is still very much in place unlike what the president said that Al Qaida is on the run…yes they are on the run to hurt us….we need pro American government, pro-military, pro-capitalism..let us end the divisive culture that the president Obama since has initiated in this country….united we stand, divided we fall…hope most Americans will wake up and realized what has been taken away from them and reinstall politicians who are pro-America..and not apologize for being the greatest country in the world..why would you want to be like the country who are already in chaos…something is not checking correctly up there…there must be another reason and that remains to be revealed.

  20. Take 2 since the first posting got deleted. Perhaps the admin won’t be as offended this time:

    This is another ED-itorial long on rhetoric that offers no substance. The label “From the desk of…” is a bit pompous sounding, but, hey, Ed (and his desk) is entitled to an opinion and this piece was properly labeled as such.

    It’s not about news; it’s about sound bites and Ed’s opinion fits perfectly. Here’s my formula: Skim. Delete (e-form). Recycle (magazine). [Admin's note: Edited for content. Please refrain from attacks on character. Your opinions are welcome and we thank you for your feedback, but personal attacks are unnecessary and a violation of community rules.]

    • Dear Admin,

      I get why you don’t like my other comments, but why why why did you edit out my final line: “Ed’s opinion and Five Star/DSNews as a news source have as much relevancy as Miley Cyrus and The National Inquirer.” but leave the outright name calling in posts made by others?

      • Dear Natoofsky,

        Thank you for your well thought out response.

        You bring up a good point, and I don’t at all disagree with you.

        To answer your question as simply as I can, your line was edited as it was still in violation of our guidelines, as well as to further defuse the unneeded pointedness of your previous remarks.

        But again, your point is well taken, and we have since removed all inflammatory remarks toward individuals from all comments. (If we have missed any, please let us know.)

        You are right; we were playing a dangerous game by not monitoring with the same strictness across the board, and moving forward we’ll work to ensure all comments are equally weighted.

        And of course, Natoofsky your comments are always welcome, and do feel welcome to disagree with or offer feedback on any opinions found in this Commentary section. We will feature countless more Commentary features from contributors on both sides of the aisle and from across the industry in the coming weeks and months.

        Thank you again.

  21. Jim Davis Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development
    0.00 (Rep Points)

    Всегда можно положиться на ценные мысли и актуальные темы со стола Эда. От имени российской федерации- спасибо!!!

  22. Avatar of David Van Horn

    Excellent job Ed.

    Dear readers, every single real estate and finance professional must understand that vigorously defending a strong system of property rights are paramount to preserving your jobs and future opportunity to create – retain private wealth for yourselves.

    This DC regime, along with an unacceptable number of elected state and local officials across America have been laser focused on doing everything they can to marginalize our property rights. Their intensity is in proportion to their size (government) because “they” and majority of those who vote for them make a living off other people’s taxes.

    Ed, stand strong. Ignore comments made by foolish trolls parroting left / right political paradigm nonsense. Especially those realtors who above all people should know better.

  23. Lisa Robertson National Title and Closing Operations Executive
    0.00 (Rep Points)


    I read your article “A response to the State of the Union Address” with great disappointment. I guess I should have realized that being from Texas and being wealthy you have adopted the right wing Republican philosophy of “I have mine so screw everyone else” mentality.

    For more than 40 years I was a Republican. For the past 8 years I have been voting Democrat. Why…because I think the Republican party has been hijacked by the uber rich, ultra right wing conservatives (AKA Tea Party). In my opinion the Republicans and the Tea Party are the equivalent of financial Taliban…obstructionist and destroy everything. The philosophy again seems to be “I have mine so screw everyone else” mentality with no middle ground. On top of that I think the a lot of the old white (that’s me) rich crowd of the Republican party just can’t stand to see a black man as President and are willing to do anything possible to make it impossible to pass legislation.

    If you go back in history many people were quite surprised when Henry Ford was paying his people on the assembly line so much money. When asked why he said “my employees need to be making enough money so they can buy my products”. Interesting concept. If you look at the wealth disparity in this country today the gap has become huge over the past 40 years. Trickle down economics is just not working. The big money goes to the people on top and stays with NO TRICKLE DOWN.

    Republican concepts sound logical but over time they have just not worked. Possibly the worst thing that could have happened to this country was when the Supreme Court agreed with the Citizens United case allowing for Super Pacs. Now the uber rich can buy elections legally.

    If we have a large and prosperous middle class then they can afford to buy all sorts of cars, homes, consumer goods etc etc etc. In the long run the uber rich will be able to make even more money if they allow the middle class to prosper here in the US. Sending jobs offshore doesn’t help the middle class in the US. Companies should be investing in building the middle class because in the long term it benefits everyone. Look at history…understand what caused the French Revolution. When you get an imbalance between the top 10% and the remaining 90% you have the makings for large social unrest.

    Chiding the President is not the way to go. You should be chiding both parties to find a common ground and not focus on the extremes of both parties. The answer is somewhere in the middle.

    I have been a global executive with two Fortune 10 corporations and I understand the politics and the economics of big companies. On the other hand I have also owned 8 small business’s over the past 48 years so I have a fairly reasonable understanding of what makes each type of business tick.

    I urge you to work with both parties to find a meaningful way to improve the middle class. We really need to focus on training and retraing our workforce in this country so we can be competitive. Focus on education and vocational training will begin to help eliminate the gap between the haves and the have nots. We as a country need to accept the concept of a living wage. Yes on a short term basis this may cause some corporate profits to be squeezed but in the long run you will end up with more consumers who can buy your products.

    Over the past 48 years of my working life I became a multi millionaire, lost it all in a ponzi scheme, started all over again at age 63 lost it all again when all 145 of my REO properties were put on hold for months and months because of the robo signing debacle. Started all over again only to have one of my sons become severely ill for the past 33 months which requires almost my full attention to help him. I have seen a lot during the past 68 years and learned during that time that not everything is clearly black and white. The reality of life is it’s really a grey scale.

    I urge you to take a more balanced approach in your politics and the messages you send out to your readers.

  24. Scott Gillen Senior Vice President, Servicing Executive
    0.00 (Rep Points)

    Ed . . .Ed . . .Ed,

    You are such a myopic Republican. Your facts are wrong. Your forum is wrong. Your Party is wrong, but that’s your right, as is my disputation.

    God (Jesus the Christ) clearly calls us to care for the widows and orphans and have compassion on the poor. Republicans are at best pretenders to this end, claiming that unrestricting the rich will somehow benefit the poor. Think . . . Man, Think. Exploitation/suppression of the least renders benefit only to the exploiter, not the exploited.

    You may say that God helps those that help themselves. But, God never said that, that was the product of the idolic Republican mind. A self serving, selfish sin.

    Indeed, if you read Acts, you will see the economy of the first church was “from each, according to their ability and to each according to their need”.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

    May God bless you from this day forward.

  25. Rhetorical non sense from politicians these days has gotten our economy nowhere. The markets blowing past all time highs of 2008, yet our economy still struggles in areas.
    This was the first Fed chairman whom I had the pleasure of consistently following the FOMC meetings and was tuned to the news anytime Bernanke spoke. He drove the markets, and we have him to thank that our country is not in ruins right now. I know many people who have put a lot of money in their pockets because of him. It became a usual thing, Bernanke’s going to speak, markets going to jump.
    I remember some of Greenspan, but I didn’t really have the mind for following back then. Was it a lot different? Did he make the market jump every time he spoke?
    I can’t wait to see the impact Yellen will have on the markets, and for women politicians in General.

  26. Thank you for your opinion Mr. Delgado. As a man with his feet firmly planted on the foundation of an industry that drives the health of the economy, and who also has personally had the opportunity to question Presidential powers themselves, it is truly valued.
    It would be very simple for you a man of power take a back seat and say what do I care I have it made. But to voice your opinion knowing full well that very powerful people who can make a difference will see it, is the most honorable American thing to do.

  27. A big portion of the nation’s mortgages are underwater, meaning more is owed on the loan than the property is worth. However, a California business has a novel repair in mind, which requires local governments using the power of . Since investors would fund the entire action, no taxpayer money would be spent; all any governments in California would be doing is turn in the paperwork for eminent domain actions. Negative equity, or owing more on a loan than the asset is worth, is dangerous to homeowners as it puts them at higher risk for falling into foreclosure.

  28. Just hope that the association is a good one.

  29. When is Congress expected to make a decision?

  30. The language put forward by Fitch Ratings would suggest they hope for a quick extension. However, they didn’t seem overly optimistic. “However, the passage of an extension bill by Congress is not a given, and at present the tax breaks remain expired.”

  31. Dear Mr. Ed Delgado,

    Your commentary was refreshing and prompted me to write/right about America’s future:

    2014: The Year of “Trust” and “Transition” in America.

    After several years of unprecedented and unexpected self-interjection and imposition of government and the subsequent turbulence manifest in all facets of the lives of American citizens, Americans want officials they can trust, not politicians highly versed in rhetoric and deception nor fellow citizens who do the same.

    American citizens will be voting for leaders who will protect their God-given-rights and freedoms, who will carry out the will of the people, by the people and for the people… and not use their power for themselves, “the-elite ruling class”.

    The pendulum has now begun to swing back in the direction of trust, honesty, integrity, righteousness.

    Americans are now in transition, trekking back toward greatness and individual leadership rolls in each township, burrough, city, state and region of America… Americans are in transition back to their roots… self reliance… compassion for and helping their neighbors, and back to local community and country Economics 101 – “buy American”, “build American”, “sell American”. Americans get it, the light has been turned on due to shocking government abuse of power and flagrant refusal to represent the will of the people. The “slow cooking frog” has awakened due to the searing heat of government.

    Americans realize that waiting on the next federal government shoe-to-drop in Washington, DC is not a solution, but rather a power-grabbing stealth-strategy that steals Americans’ freedom.

    Americans have begun their transition of pulling themselves back up by their own bootstraps… not because of government… but in spite of government. It is this simple but powerful principle which made America great and which Americans are now transitioning back to.

    The great silent majority, clinging to their Bibles and guns, has not retreated but is now regrouping.

    The American dream of home ownership is alive and well… get involved, go out and vote, and get your neighbors out to vote.

    NEVER FORGET! “We the people” are the government.

    God bless America.

    Krist Peetz (c) 2014

  32. Avatar of Gabriel David

    “The pace of job creation [in December and January] was running under what I had anticipated, but we have to be very careful not to jump to conclusions in interpreting what those reports mean,”

    Is this because of the time it takes for policies to actually have an effect? And is there some sort of set amount of time between when a policy is created/set in place and when the effect is visible?

  33. The formation of the NAC is an excellent idea and Jordan Petkovski’s experience is a good fit.

    Market value is clearly the price a qualified buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to accept.
    Whereas, an appraisal is an assessment of an accumulation of points of statistical data reflecting value.

    During the past 5-10 years the advancement of home construction technology has improved so much that older homes have significant disadvantages from obsolescence, physically and technologically. It will be interesting to see how this aspect is addressed and incorporated into appraised valuations.

    Updating and renovating older homes is a very expensive proposition.

    The question becomes, how will this factor in to appraised valuations of older homes vs. new built.

    Krist Peetz (c) 2014

  34. Don’t believe a word of it. My client and I were assured that their application had been reviewed in depth by Wells Fargo’s underwriters at the time we went under contract, and that all that was left was dotting i’s and crossing t’s. They collected document for six weeks, and many of the same documents were requested multiple times. Each time the feedback was positive, there was nothing to worry about. Two days prior to the original closing date, the document requests intensified, almost as though they never even looked at any of them before. We were forced to extend twice, blowing right past the loan contingency, and at 3 p.m. on the third closing date, they advised they could not grant the loan. I don’t know about you, but it sounds to me like noone there did their job either effectively, nor efficiently. My client is a military veteran with a guaranteed pension, with a highly paid current job to boot. I will NEVER recommend Wells Fargo as a lender.

  35. Did they say anything about Tampa (or other areas in Florida)t? Do you have a link to the source study?

  36. Hey Steven,

    The source report link is below. Tampa is available under the “Real Estate Market Report” subheader, a few scrolls down.

    • Awesome, thanks Colin. Do you think the higher month over month increase is an effect of the weather (I noticed a lot of other articles about how the weather is affecting the home market). If so though I don’t get why MI also has a similar increase rate even though the weather there is the complete opposite of Florida

      • I think regional differences play a large part. Particular areas of Michigan could be vastly different than Florida. There was a great quote along the lines of “all real estate is local,” which in certain aspects is quite true. The report shows general trends.

  37. Now I understand how a country can self destroy. Where is the leadership of this great Nation named USA? Is absurd and no sense.

    (2014: The Year of “Trust” and “Transition” in America)

    Mr. Delgado,

    Thank you for your spot-on comments about an over-reaching administration which, by design, uses its bureaucratic minions to divert, distract and deflect attention away from itself.

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Deputy Director Steven Antonakes’ comments of derision about a vital segment of a major industry in the free-market society in America were, as you point out, ill-timed, counterproductive, “inflammatory and without benefit to the audience”.

    Clearly CFPB Deputy Director Antonakes’ remarks were intentional and not accidental.

    Deputy Antonakes intended his remarks to benefit the administration’s extension of government power, and influence by more intervention into the private free-market sector of the American economy.

    Mr. Delgado, your response that “at a time when collaboration and cooperation are critical to the industry— not just to servicers but also to homeowners who need to have confidence in those responsible for managing their mortgages—is simply irresponsible—with little merit,” was very kind and generous, given Deputy Antonakes’ insulting and assaulting remarks to his immediate audience and to all hard working individuals in this financial industry, as well as to borrowers across America.

    Antonakes’ expressed that he is, “deeply disappointed by the lack of progress the mortgage servicing industry has made,”… “too many customers continue to receive erratic and unacceptable treatment.”, which translates to government knows best;… freedom is not the answer… but rather more government is, at least in his mind and in the message this bureaucratic minion conveyed on behalf of this administration.

    Rather than allow Deputy Antonakes to divert, distract and deflect attention away from the federal government’s involvement in creating the problem(s) in the first place by mandating lenders to make irrational “erratic and unacceptable” loans, knowing full well these loans were destined to failure, you were courageous in stating, “To chastise an audience of mortgage servicers without conceding their enormous efforts as well as the impact of federal government programs is both inaccurate and negligent,”.

    After all, hard work and freedom aren’t the answer according to this administration, because it has already decided central government knows what is best for you… PERIOD!

    Thanks again for your courage to shine the light.

    God bless you and God bless America.

    Krist Peetz (c) 2014

  39. Mr. Delgado,

    Again, you twist the facts to fit your political agenda. Many of your readers wish you would stay out of politics and stick to providing information on industry events.

    Twisting facts – “deeply disappointed by the lack of progress the mortgage servicing industry has made,” is not synonymous with “..sending a message to consumers that the industry has not improved and their financial futures are not secure. ..”

    To that end, try reading CFPB’s latest Supervisory Highlights report (which covers supervision work completed between July and October 2013) detailing shoddy servicing practices that continued to plague consumers throughout 2013.

    Taking action against mortgage servicing practices that harm consumers is a key priority for the CFPB, as it should be.

    Examiners found servicers that were requiring borrowers to waive existing claims in order to get a forbearance or a loan modification agreements. Really? Haven’t they learned? Some servicers were failing to honor existing loan modifications after a servicing transfer (aka “engaging in unfair practices”).
    Other servicers misrepresented payment plans in their marketing and others in which the servicers falsely told borrowers they would receive refunds from their escrow accounts.

    Examiners also found several cases in which servicers provided incorrect information to consumer reporting agencies by misreporting short sales as foreclosures.

    What about new orginations (to be serviced), try reading the April 2013 Fitch report “Growing Risks in Large CMBS Loan Deals in 2013” by Sommerville and Rothfeld. Have CMBS originating banks learned anything from their unbridled securitization of bad debt from ’05-Sept 15, ’08″

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Deputy Director Steven Antonakes was “spot on” in his remarks. Ed Delgado should (again) check his facts before he (inaccurately) adds his commentary.

    • Antonakes was confrontational, intentionally intimidating, and insulting to the audience. It was an embarrassing way for MBA to start the national servicing conference and left a sour taste in my mouth and every colleague I spoke with felt the same way.

      Although I agree with Ed on this matter, I take note that this time his opinion is presented as a news article couched as an interview with an industry leader rather than as commentary piece like last time. No matter how it’s presented – news or ed-op – the DSNews editorial staff still specifically disavows and distances itself from Ed with: “the views expressed here do not reflect those of the editorial staff”.

  40. Yes, but when you have Fannie Mae inflating values, in the long run it’s the same old, same old–there will be another bubble, loosened underwriting standards supporting inflated values, and another crash. It’s all just “funny money” to the FHFA, when the metrics determining value are skewed by the very investors that benefit from inflated values and looser underwriting standards. Am I off base, here?

  41. Mr. Cordray, I think financial literacy and education must start in elementary school.

  42. While I agree that consumers as a whole should be more knowledgeable regarding their finances, it is hardly the government’s responsibility to dictate who should be facilitating that knowledge. It is a far-fetched idea to think that the responsibility of educating consumers about finances should fall on the shoulders of an employer. It is up to the consumer to educate themselves prior to a large purchase, whether it be an automobile or a home. Our government needs to remove themselves from the equation and let the consumer be responsible for a change.

    • Avatar of Gabriel David

      I agree that it likely shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of the employer, but when you have a lot of people (i.e. the average person) who is uneducated and not unwilling, unmotivated, or unable to educate themselves isn’t it better for all of us if someone steps in for the greater good?

  43. Rick,
    I agree with your post, in Aventura Miami, FL your have over 1,955 listings condominiums Availables and ca of 146 went pending sales in February 2014 you have between 13 to 14 months inventory, and you have sellers with have high expectation on there sale price due the marketing created by over 150 new projects been constructed with based in dreams. I advise my clients only buy real estate for a long term use or a investment diversification with reserves. People should remember in real estate market is local, so local that a building can be the difference.

  44. What I want to know is why some of these bank foreclosures go to sheriff sales and the bank doesn’t even send someone to bid on the properties. There have been a number of “no bid no sale” results in Summit County Ohio. I think the banks should be held in contempt of court and fined and charged with demolition costs. The general investing public doesn’t even bother to go to these sales because either the starting bid is too high or they know the bank attorneys will be there to take the properties back.

  45. Some of these homes have to go through the proper channels and there is also servicing rights by 3rd party mortgage servicers ( Safegaurd , LPS, etc…. Many others before it gets to that part , even after the lender or servicer or both walk away , leaving a zombie foreclosure for the old mortgagers to take care of again and they thought they walked away from it years ago .

  46. Colin in California, I believe it’s got much more to do with increased home values. Certainly if homeowners were able to hang on this long, they see the light at the end of the tunnel. But, in September and November 2013 the IRS circulated a position letter deeming debt forgiven from California short sales no longer taxable (FTB has conformed.) This has made the MDFRA of little value in the state. If your theory is correct: sellers are looking for tax protection before they sell, then CA short sales should shoot up in 2014 due to current IRS/FTB position. This is a good test.

  47. Consumer confidence measures the degree of optimism that consumers feel about the overall state of the economy and their personal financial situation. It affects our economic decisions, such as spending activity, and therefore serves as one of the key indicators for the overall shape of the economy. Additionally, a couple of recent reports on consumer financial attitude appear to offer contradictory findings. But could the reports suggest a fundamental and justifiable doubt about the economic climate?

  48. this is a stupid article. the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act applies to homeowners who are NOT insolvent on the date of the sale. the internal revenue code has an existing exclusion of forgiven debt from income when the borrower is insolvent on the date of the sale (IRS Publication 4681). this has been an existing part of the tax code for a long time.

  49. Let me highlight that your outlook (i.e. +3-5%) is consistent with price quotes at the CME for the Case Shiller futures contracts. Implied CME performance for 2014 is actually a little stronger (+~6.0% for the CUS 10-city index) but then tapers offs in forward years. The contracts are useful: a) to get a sense of market-based implied forward prices, and b) as a tool should any readers have views that differ dramatically from your call.

    My only suggestion to your comments would be to bring in the notion of record student debt and new health care payments to your second bullet point in the first section. Whether or not the graduates want to move back in w/ Mom & Dad (or whether their parents welcome them), the reality is that many graduates are burdened with student loans (and Obamacare health care payments) that make them look less attractive to conservative bankes.

  50. Here in Southern Nevada, we are still seeing 80/20 Mortgages which combined with this news is disturbing. These investors then have no stake in the property they are buying and no reason not to walk away if the market falls again.

    • David Mitchell Client Relations Manager
      0.00 (Rep Points)

      That is rather scary. I’m all for people getting help on buying homes, but taking all the risk away in such a high-stakes game is less a safety net than a chasm. And we’re not even out of the chasm all the way from the last time. Thanks for your comment.

  51. The problem in Colorado is supply, not demand. We have plenty of buyers, just not enough houses. I believe this to be true in some other areas of the country as well. Should have been factored into the article.

  52. I work for a small title company in central Florida and all I do is facilitate short sales. In December 2013, Ocwen changed their policy on how to get a short sale approved. Basically the homeowner(s) and their listing agent had to sign a consent form allowing Altisource to list the property for auction on The homeowner sought legal counsel which led to their Attorney submitting a letter of intent to sue Ocwen/Altisource. Despite our best efforts, Ocwen said the only way to do a short sale is to allow this program. The homeowner and listing agent did not have a choice but to sign the consent. Unfortunately, this rubbed our buyer the wrong way and after months of being patient, he walked and canceled the deal. After a couple weeks the listing agent was contacted by an agent from Altisource that a “winning bidder” was confirmed and the offer was $80K. Funny enough, that was the exact offer our buyer had in place. Ocwen could have saved a lot of time and allowed us to continue working on the short sale but they chose to force everyone’s hand in this new process with Altisource. The best part is that I had been working on this short sale for 8 months but because the “winning bidder” was not our buyer, we can no longer close the deal and they (Altisource) is using their in house title company. I hope that there will be a class action lawsuit because I would happily volunteer my time to serve as a witness and I would require no compensation. My only hope is that the end result would be that Ocwen could no longer do this. Especially because they are targeting those that are already going thru some sort of financial hardship which has caused them to go into default in the first place. It’s just not clear to me how this is even legal. Maybe since short sales are still some what new, there need to be some laws put in place protecting the homeowners as well. Thank you to anyone reading this :)

  53. FHA loans would be less risky if they reduced the FHA mortgage premium. The onerous MIP, in this region $300-$500/month is an extra incentive for folks to drop their loan.

  54. Mikel Armenta 0.00 (Rep Points)

    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, It is a government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) and public company, though it has been a publicly traded company since 1968. Fannie Mae is supporting today’s economic recovery and laying the foundation for a better housing finance system. Source of article: bad credit loan not payday loan

  55. Christopher Hitch 0.00 (Rep Points)

    This is a great news for the firm, that two big firms are merging themselves. There are many firms who works which include residential and commercial real estate, lending and finance, contracts, title policy, real estate development, construction and commercial and also include residential real estate leasing. You can find out more about the author here.

  56. Bruce Haulley 0.00 (Rep Points)

    Interesting article. Are the foreclosures being marketed properly to buyers? Do they have deferred maintenance that reduces their value? What percentage of the total market are foreclosure sales? Is the inventory of foreclosure properties for sale likely to increase? With the general real estate market and business environment firming up, why are foreclosures increasing?

  57. 32 Billion on the table and 5 of it targeted for the public effected by what they are being fined for? hello? what?? Seriously we the public, the people, ask for more accountability and transparency. While in many ways we all shoulder some responsibility if we are fining the Banks to remedy specific infractions then should not the public receive the vast majority of the funds? Government mismanages the funds because it is too big and leaves too much room for chaos and those that prosper from it to flourish. Give the money to the people, most all economic issues will be resolved, we know what to do, how to grow, create a more sustainable future. At this juncture the government has become an oppressor not the facilitator it was designed to be. God Bless America

  58. There are several good guest posts on the site Retirement And Good Living about downsizing, frugal living and moving during retirement by boomers and recent retirees. The site provides information on many retirement related topics.

  59. Maybe they are very well informed and do not wish to be encumbered by MIP and also have no equity to fall back on if they have to sell due to job loss, etc. I think buyers are very smart to not participate in low downpayment programs.

  60. Day by day Increase in a foreclosure is really a pathetic and thanks for sharing the article.

  61. In my opinion The Department of Justice barely gave US Bank a slap on the wrist. The money spent pursuing the investigation ie;, legal fees and court costs had to be enormous.
    US Bank sells some stock and remains neutral for their second quarter. The fine wasn’t enough.
    For US Bank to barely flinch and continue to do business with no real penalty is an insult to the people who were truly hurt over the last 6 years and to the lenders who actually followed the law.
    Why weren’t the executives held liable to pay fines personally and were any charged criminally?
    Were bonuses paid to these executives for producing profits that FHA paid for in bad loans?
    Derek, how about a follow up article.

  62. Thanks for the article, Derek. And yeah, taking on a portfolio that is too large for the servicer to handle is always a concern. Great points. And how’s Dallas?

  63. Derek,
    Why would the explicit guarantee of the government do anything to bring down the cost of homeownership as compared with the implied guarantee of the GSEs?
    Consider what the federal guarantee of student loans has done to the cost of higher education. If the government is there to provide a guarantee, lenders and colleges will raise their costs without fear of losing borrowers.
    Am i missing something?
    T. Baker

  64. Derek Templeton 0.00 (Rep Points)

    Thanks for reading John.

    I love Dallas. You can’t beat Texas.


  65. I have followed DS News for some years and don’t know what I would do without them. As to the MERS story, the U.S. Supreme court needs to take a look at the MERS setup, created by big banks to surpass having to pay their fair share of fee’s and have supervision and availability to change information at will. MERS has no employees. Jamie Dimon Bank of America stated that BofA stopped using MERS in 2007. Here is the flaw in the MERS system; I am not airing my personal grievance but pointing out a specific problem. I had a modification with Bank of America which was paid up”latter acknowledged by BofA” when my account was sold to JP Morgan who immediately obtained a foreclosure from MERS and processed NOD’s and foreclosure wthin eight days of acquiring my account. I have paperwork to show that not only was my modification paid to date but that I continued to make payments to their servicer who was MARIX Servicing LLC. I lost my home September 2012 and have had complaints with the CFPB who are dragging their feet.

  66. Thanks for the article, Tory. I know this article is a couple weeks old now but it seems like the demand for buying homes is down this month too.
    John TrueFi
    TrueFi Mortgage Brokers

  67. That analysis is laughable. Run the numbers on the Fortune 500 list of companies and graph out the change on corporate income, executive compensation and worker income. The divergence is startling to the point where it is pretty obvious who got screwed while business was ramping up after the recession.

  68. For people that still are in the situation of modified loans and their time that the interest rates will go up, what kind of options they’ll have? Sell, chances to modify the loan again, refinance?

  69. The final thing I really don’t honestly feel that they can tell if he/she can trust
    whoever it is just one company might wonder if it’s backing up into the
    demolition process. Collect and collect then select the contractor for whatever price range is wanted.
    Just look at the end of a professional seller that specializes in both residential & commercial installations.
    Since 2007, the situation consumers anymore. Paint Contractors rely heavily on word of mouth.
    Of course, your Cadillac and the roof is an investment,
    and no demerit points.

  70. Antionette johnson 0.00 (Rep Points)

    JPMorgan claims they were the “owner” of my loan and the servicer, as of ,7/1/2014 they sold the servicing to Nationstar Mortgage out of Lewisville,Tx. Being that Chase claims they are still own the “NOTE” and “DEED” which I know they don’t have due to an Forensic Audit, do we still qualify for the settlement. I feel Chase is trying to sell off mortgages that they don’t actually own but are still acting as if they do. I have been trying to get a modification/principal reduction for over 5yrs and each time they have come up with some crap. My husband and I are seniors and have own our home for 25+ and I plan on KEEPING my our home, meaning I will keep fighting Chase who has perpetrated Fraud, used MERS, violated TILA/RESPA and do not have the note and deed together. I know see why they gave the loan for servicing to Nationstar to hide these crimes against us and many other homeowners.


    Can YOU even imagine the Pain & Suffering of Entire Families ?

    All Attroneys should be Disbarred

    This is why there is NO Justice in America

  72. Disbar the attorneys and send them to jail. Individuals go to jail for there crimes. Corp greed gets a slap on the wrist and it is business as usual.

  73. There needs to be a working group on the possible widescale fraud perpetrated on the American people by Chase. The only reason it will take until 2017 is because the process is rigged by MERS type insiders or Rust Consulting who ended up paying out pennies. There are plenty of complaints with the CFPB so there’s no excuse Mr. Smith. I would bet my house, they are trying to steal, that this process is rigged against homeowners just like every settlement and lawsuit. After 6 years the lies get worse and worse. There is hope though with multi million dollar homeowner victory in small town in No CA where they said these emperors wear no clothes. Then there was Chase’s loss on fraud and trying to get out of $250,000 in lawyer fees about a month ago. I have a combo fraud loan that Chase is manipulating the modification process and the anti blight parts of settlements and local law. Still, I’m treated with the same arrogance from Chase and elected officials that the jury in Yuba, CA spoke out loud and clear against. Chase offered me a $500,000 forgiveness on loan I have disputed since 2008 with the condition that property could not be in disrepair. They were fully aware of City actions and repairs needed, If Chase had complied with city anti blight or even the mortgage settlement the City would not have taken extreme actions and deprived me of $30,000 in rental income as I live day to day. The City states there is no relevance while they sue Chase and collect funds from the settlements. Meanwhile the CA AG office ran out of money and could not answer my half a million dollar+ case and Kamala Harris is supposed to be one of the good guys? Lawyers, whistleblowers, Wall St and government are the ones benfitting with billions of dollars of “aid” while homeowners are left out in the cold. There is something very wrong in this country right now beyond the ususal immigration, anti government, Middle East scares.

    @Cynthia I can share some information with you. Can reach me here

    • I am here in florida and a plaintiff to the latest class action, the Chasemdlsettlement that Chase lost. This settlement shows all the shenanigans that Chase has pulled on 1000s of people struggling to keep their homes. Chase breached contract, implied and express with their loan modifications. They mislead people into believing they were going to get HAMP modifications and after people completed the trial terms of the HAMP, they were not offered a permanent modification or Chase reneged on the terms somehow and then they slammed these people into foreclosure. you talk about adding salt to a wound. Now that this settlement is in the settling stages, Chases slimeball attorneys are speeding up my foreclosure case so they will not have to honor the terms of this class action which include a new loan modification and curing any delinquent fees. Chase has no plans of stopping their lies and deceitfulness and all I can say is if you read this and you are a part of the Chasemdlsettlement, watch out because if they can circumvent any of the benefits you are due from this class action, Chase will weasel out of it sure as how they got there in the first place. You cant teach an old dog new tricks!

  74. But when are the biggest scammers of all, the banksters going to go to jail. They are the worst offenders, promising struggling homeowners, loan modifications and then reneging on them and driving the homeowner deeper in debt.

  75. The banks are not charging you to modify, but through their lies and deceit, they just wont modify you and then they will slam you in foreclosure and ruin your credit and stress you out until the point you feel like giving up, but I am here to tell you don’t. Keep fighting the good fight because WE, the people will win!

  76. they sold my note and now they dont even service the loan anymore so just how does this help mr pol?

  77. As a realtor, I would like to see another good year or two, but a slow down isn’t bad either. As long as words like crash or great recession aren’t used, I think we can handle it. A slow down in the real estate market is like a pull back in the stock market. It is healthy. It keeps speculation in check.

  78. Avatar of Joshua Jarvis

    This is not surprising at all. We’ve heard similar practices from Quicken. In some cases, online portals like Zillow and Lending Tree give an unethical incentive to over-promise and under deliver. Wonder if this is just the first one to come or not.

  79. The bulk of any government settlement money’s goes to the Government and the States who hord it. What about my home that was stolen from me even though I was still paying on my mortgage? I have paper proof to back up what I claim. And, the CFPB also has this information. Homeowners are out of luck, or to put it another way, up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

  80. Since my home was stolen from me I haven’t seen any favorable government response.

  81. Here lays another government scam. All these lawsuits and fines are becoming routine and meaningless. My lost home was connected to Countrywide,Bank of America and JP Morgan and they are all getting by with one of the biggest white collar crimes of the century with no consumer aid. Going back to our Service Members who also lost their homes to foreclosure the most any received was about $500.00. A BIG slap in the face from our government. I have not heard of any homeowner receiving equitable reimbursement for illegal lost homes. California is one state that did nothing to help homeowners even though they received millions of dollars on the National Settlement. There again, I have not heard of any consumer/homeowner receiving anything from the settlement.

  82. Ditto the above response. I am a Real Estate Agent and I still got duped!! I remember arguing with my Loan Officer even at the closing table that what she was doing did not make sense at the time. But for every question I had she had a rebuttal and when I threatened to walk away or get a new Lender, she said I would lose my $12,000 upgrade money plus the incentives the builder was offering to pay a portion of my closing.

    I still regret not walking away! by the time it was all said and down, I found myself stuck with 4 loan payments plus monthly HOA fees. I am still sick about the whole thing.

    I have not recieved a dime in retribution!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Does this mean that mortgage holders can no longer voluntarily dismiss more than one non-judicial foreclosure without being banned from filing additional non-judicial foreclosures on ANYTHING or just on the same mortgage/property as in the case cited in your article?

  84. Some great points about ownership, rental and loan rates. This begs the question: Have we become an investors market rather than a homeowners market? In Orange County, California, over 44% of all purchases the past year have been for cash, and the affordability index is down to 22% – and this is with loan rates in the 4% range.

    The quick appreciation we have seen over the past 18 months seems to be a combination of smoke and mirrors and puts many buyers in an untenable position.

  85. Tory Barringer can slant anything the direction his boss’s boss tells him. Obviously he is young…does not have the “wisdom of years” to understand how much of our freedoms, healthcare, education and ability to make a living have been compromised the past 20 years. The most damage the past 6 years…but has been in the making since the 1960′s…sigh

  86. I agree. Every online company th

  87. whoops… I have friends who have moved to online lending. Most have complained about this practice. If you bring it to the company’s attention you are “let go” for underperformance.

  88. Scott Morgan

    A good question, Bruce, and one that certainly looks like it should have “yes” written all over it sometimes. Much of the talk in real estate these days seems centered on properties as business investments, rather than home investments. I get the feeling that will swing back around as the economy settles again, though. Thanks for the comments.

  89. Brian Honea

    Just on the same mortgage/property. The mortgage holder is not banned from foreclosing on another loan/property.

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