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Debt and Regret Among Some Homebuyers

Purchasing a home is unquestionably one of the biggest expenditures most consumers will make in a lifetime. It’s exciting, it’s nerve-wracking, it’s fraught with decisions. And when you finally find the “perfect” space to call your own, it’s also nearly ...

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College Students Plagued by ‘Housing Insecurity’

Student debt is becoming a fact of life. However, in addition to debt form tuition and loans, many students are facing homelessness and less-tha-ideal living conditions as they struggle to pay their rent, mortgages, and utilities.

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The Debt Dilemma

Editor's note: This story was originally featured in the March issue of DSNews, out now. In February 2017, the financial media sounded the alarm that total U.S. consumer debt was at $12.6 trillion, just a hair short of the $12.7 trillion peak ...

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Low Delinquencies Drive Consumer Credit Market Performance

The consumer credit market showed an overall strong performance at the end of 2017, according to the Q4 Industry Insights Report published by TransUnion on Tuesday. According to the report, increased access to loans and relatively low delinquency levels were ...

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Household Debt Reaches Recession-Level Highs

On Wednesday, the New York Federal Reserve released its Q1 report on household debt and credit. According to the report, total household debt totaled $12.73 trillion in Q1 2017. This means that household debt has finally surpassed its $12.68 trillion peak reached during the recession in 2008. This is a $149 billion quarterly increase.

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Defaults on the Downward Slope

The default rate has been steady and falling as home prices continue to rise in most parts of the country and sales of both new and existing homes increase. The default rate for both first and second mortgages fell in April. Additionally, most cities saw declining default rats, with the exception of New York.

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The State of Household Debt and Homeownership in America

Household debt reached a peak of $12.7 trillion in Q3 2008. Following the peak, debt declined for several years until recently. The past three years have seen a gradual increase in debt, reaching $12.6 trillion by Q4 2016. Borrowers have shifted away from housing-related debt into student loan and auto debt.

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Nothing Lasts Forever: An Illinois Appellate Court Rules Truth in Lending Act Counterclaims to Debt Collection Actions Have a Statute of Limitations.

While there is generally a one- year statute of limitations for actions brought under the TILA, that statute of limitations may be extended indefinitely if the claim is brought as a counterclaim in recoupment or set-off to a debt collection action.

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How HELOC May Effect Lending Moving Forward

A rebound is underway that affects consumers and lenders positively. but Experian states that even with this positive outlook, though, consumers and lenders still should proceed somewhat cautiously.

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Survey: Home Price Change Expectations Fall Slightly

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York released its Survey of Consumer Expectations for May 2014. The survey found that home price change expectations fell slightly for the fourth straight month, reaching a new low of 3.77 percent.

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