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A New Tactic to Fight Zombie Homes

This June, Washington state will implement a new law (HB2057) designed to combat abandoned zombie properties and streamline interactions between government and lenders when it comes to preventing urban blight as the properties fall into disrepair. As reported by the ...

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The Fight Against Zombie Homes Finds a New Ally

The topic of zombie homes comes up often here on DS News, ranging from fast-track foreclosure legislation to rules about clearboarding and plywood bans. In February, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the state was buying up distressed mortgages ...

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Zombie Homes: The Problem That Just Won’t Die

The issue of so-called “zombie homes” is a problem for any major city. “Zombie homes” is a colorful name for an old problem, and one that continues to be widespread as the nation gains more distance from the housing crisis and the ...

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Filling the Void: Number of Vacant Properties Reduces

The number of vacant properties decreased from the previous quarter and from Q3 of 2015, according to the recent Q3 2016 U.S. Residential Property Vacancy and Zombie Foreclosure Report.

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Here’s One Way to Fight Zombie Properties

Local municipalities in the areas hit hardest by the foreclosure crisis have made various attempts through legislation to combat the problem of “zombie properties.” How does the most populous town in the U.S. propose to handle the problem?

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New York AG Officially Introduces Expanded Bill to Fight ‘Zombie’ Foreclosures

The expanded bill requires mortgagees to provide homeowners with early notice that they are legally entitled to remain in their homes until the foreclosure process is complete (until a court orders them to leave), since many homeowners are unaware that they do not have to leave the house immediately when the foreclosure process begins.

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Amended Ohio Foreclosure Expedition Bill Dies in Senate Finance Committee

An amended Ohio House bill that was originally intended to reduce the lengthy residential foreclosure process and eliminate blight in Ohio neighborhoods died in the Ohio Senate Finance Committee Tuesday night, sources close to the situation told DS News.

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