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Where Does Real-World Climate Action Begin?

“Storms, floods, fires, and heat waves are getting stronger and more frequent. They are making the human cost of our warming world all too real, especially for America's homeowners and renters,” said Tim Judge, SVP and Head of Modeling and Climate Change Officer for Fannie Mae.

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Ill Prepared and Living in a Flood Zone

Only a quarter of respondents living in medium-risk flood areas who participated in Fannie Mae’s Flood Survey were familiar with government-backed flood insurance plans, what they cover, and—more specifically—what they don’t cover.

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Federal Reserve Holds Rates Steady Moving Into the New Year

For the third meeting in a row, the Federal Open Market Committee chose to hold rates steady based on current market conditions and future predictions. Click through to find out the current interest rate and read a brief history of rate hikes since the pandemic began, as well as commentary from relevant economists and sources.

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Fannie Mae Predicts Housing Growth

After interviewing over 100 highly placed and senior housing experts, most were positive and optimistic about future home price growth during calendar years 2024 and 2025.

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