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Nationwide Mortgage Delinquency Rate Neared Record Low in February

“February’s early-stage delinquency rate was historically low and primarily driven by a strong job market,” said Molly Boesel, Principal Economist at CoreLogic. “However, the possibility of a recession that would raise the U.S. unemployment rate could slightly erode the current strong mortgage performance situation in the coming months.”

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CFPB Issues Further Guidance on ‘Zombie Mortgages’

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has issued guidance to protect consumers from illegal collection tactics on so called “zombie mortgages,” since it is illegal for debt collectors to sue or even threaten to sue to collect on these debts past the statute of limitations or in other illegal fashions.

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Measuring the Cost of Real Estate Wire Fraud

A new report from CertifID has found that homebuyers’ and sellers’ wire transactions are rapidly being targeted by cybercriminals, with in excess of $106,000 as the average wire loss in consumer recovery cases.

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