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Loss Mitigation

What’s Wrong In Servicing?

In a recent three-day online discussion, industry experts deliberated on the question “Are mortgage servicing costs, complexities, and risks impeding lending?” See what they had to say.

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Minimizing Foreclosure, Maximizing Home Retention

The Federal Housing Finance Agency recently released its monthly report on foreclosure prevention for April, but are the Enterprises doing enough to ensure maximum home retention? You be the judge.

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Banishing Blight: Officials, Experts, and Lawmakers Meet for Roundtable

Blight is an epidemic across urban centers in the U.S. See how one community in Pennsylvania is combating it, and possible solutions that could be implemented to stop blight. Read on to see a three part video from leading experts in the field.

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Lowest Home Appreciation in the U.S.

This region of the U.S. has the lowest rate of home price appreciation, according to a recent report. Find out where it’s located and what’s causing it ahead.

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Reconstruction Program Aims to Soften Fallout of Natural Disasters

A recent report examined the success of a Build it Back program, which restores homes destroyed by natural disasters. The program has been mostly successful, but some critics find it lacking in certain areas, such as build times and layout adherence. And even though nearly three-quarters of its docket has been completed, a high dropout rate is still a major struggle.

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Before and After the Storm

For homeowners, storm preparedness requires more than keeping a few cases of water on hand, though that is certainly a start. But the need for proper preparation definitely doesn’t apply only to homeowners. Damages can reach well beyond a storm’s physical path to impact all parties involved with a property. What steps can you take as an investor, aggregator, bank, or servicer to protect yourself and your interests this hail and hurricane season?

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Subprime Mortgages Moving From Rearview

defects on loan application

Just as we’re looking at peeling back regulations like Dodd-Frank with last weeks CHOICE Act vote, a recent op-ed asked the provoking question “Does anyone remember how to make a subprime mortgage?” Of course, those in the mortgage industry remember well. Though they have dwindled in recent years, due to many blaming the 2008 crash in part on the mortgages, thoughts of honing in on an untapped market are gaining popularity again.

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FHFA Sells Over 72,000 NPLs at a Gain of $14.2 Billion

The Federal Housing Finance Agency on Thursday released its third Enterprise Non-Performing Loan Sales Report, which lists all the sales of all non-performing loans from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to the private sector through December 31, 2016. The report tracks total loan sales, total number delinquent assents unloaded, and time of delinquency. It also strives to track borrower outcomes and measure how many properties were foreclosed on, how many avoided foreclosure, and the difference between homes that were sold to third parties and benchmark NPLs.

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Bankruptcy Filings Decline

Bankruptcy filings took another fall for another straight month in April 2017. The number of filings has dropped year-over-year every April since 2011, according to April 2017 AACER bankruptcy data reported by Epiq Systems this week.

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