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Housing Market Potential Down 2% YoY

A new Housing Perspectives Blog post by Mark Fleming, the Chief Economist for First American Financial Corporation and the lead of First American’s Decision Sciences Team, focused on housing market potential and the lock-in effect.

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How Much Purchasing Power Have Homebuyers Lost YoY?

Mortgage rates hovering around the 7% mark are cutting into buyers’ budgets, according to a new report from Redfin. It found that a buyer on a $3,000 monthly budget can afford a home valued at $429,000, assuming a 7.4% mortgage. But how does this stack up when compared to last year?

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The Week Ahead: Preserving the Dream of Homeownership Webinar

Next week, the Five Star Institute and Brookstone Management will present a webinar discussing the topics of combating neighborhood blight, returning foreclosed properties to the market, and protecting property values. Tune in for in-depth insight and perspective from Brookstone, Fannie Mae, and U.S. Bank execs.

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Examining 2023’s Hottest U.S. ZIP Codes for Housing

The Hottest ZIP Codes of 2023 report from Realtor.com showed that homebuyers are seeking areas with larger homes and closer proximities to work, with many Americans flocking to areas that are more affordable relative to the rest of the country and less expensive than their nearby metro areas.

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