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Improving the Lending Process at ServiceMac

Cloud-based digital technologies are changing the way lenders and servicers interact with borrowers. From loan origination to servicing, technology—whether it's via the web, mobile, voice, or even artificial intelligence—is being used to enhance the borrowing experience.

One example is the EXOS Servicing platform from ServiceLink's [1] EXOS Technologies [2], which provides an intuitively designed, market-proven mobile app that offers digital touchpoints throughout the life of the loan. It is these features of the platform that led ServiceMac [3] to choose the EXOS platform for its consumer digital solution.

“As an innovative customer-focused company, we need digital solutions via web/mobile/voice/wearables that would elevate consumer satisfaction, provide a high level of self-service capabilities and the market maturity to understand the overall customer experience,” said Bob Caruso, President and CEO of ServiceMac. “We believe the EXOS platform will deliver on this strategy and we’re excited to work with EXOS to provide our omnichannel digital strategy.”

ServiceMac provides technology, products, and services for the mortgage industry backed by personalized service and support. Its offerings comprise personalized solutions across the mortgage space along with enhanced security and customer satisfaction.

Some of the features in the EXOS platform include real-time loan information for customers such as account status, statements, and payment information that can be accessed through the mobile or a wearable device. The platform was developed by EXOS Technologies which is a part of ServiceLink.

“ServiceLink is focused on transforming consumers’ experiences and expectations around the digital mortgage process,” said Chris Azur, CEO of ServiceLink. “Our EXOS technology provides a new level of transparency and accessibility that will help ServiceMac engage its customers now and in the future. We are thrilled that ServiceMac chose EXOS Servicing as its consumer digital platform.”

EXOS Technologies provides cloud-based digital technologies to real estate lenders and servicers. Its services include mobile apps, voice interaction, APIs, and Predictive Analysis.