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March’s DS News: Forbearance, Technology, Legal Matters, and More

As we head into spring, questions about the long-term effects of a national health crisis on the industry linger. What will happen as forbearance plans expire?  How is the crisis shaping technologyWhat risk and regulatory issues will come into focus? How will the legal landscape shift, and how will the market respond?  

While no one has all the sure-fire answers, DS News staff and contributors are pulling out all the stops in our effort to arm readers with all the expert information and insight you need to make knowledgeable decisions.      

With just a few months under his belt in his new position, Bell Bank’s Chief Risk Officer, Jesse Schwab speaks with DS News about developing a risk framework, growing responsibly, and being proactive when it comes to risk management and compliance in this month’s cover story, The Strategic Value of Risk Management.” 

“Is it Time to Reevaluate Your Approach to Customer Service?” It’s the question that contributor Sascha Mehlhase, VP of Growth at ABC Legal Services, addresses in her feature that explores how the pandemic coupled with the “age of the customer” has changed everything.  

Rosemarie Hebner and Eric Houser of Houser Law delve into the controversial Nevada Supreme Court decision which could have a national impact on the rights of mortgagers inside and out of the court, in “HOA vs. Mortgage Lenders.” 

Another Supreme Court decision in Florida addresses a previous court's ruling related to standing to foreclose and attorney’s fees. GrayRobinson’s Jonathan Blackmore examines Page v. Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas in "Florida Supreme Court Rejects No Standing = No Fees Rule.” 

In Residential Leasebacks: A Tool Against Future Foreclosure Crises,” Daniel Kattan, CEO of Sell2Rent explores a robust residential leaseback program that, if properly implemented, could help keep struggling homeowners in their home, while also avoiding costly foreclosure proceedings. 

And lastly, the question on everyone’s mind, “Is a Foreclosure Crisis in the Cards?” In the month’s final feature, Patrick F. Stone, Executive Chairman and Founder of Williston Financial Groupcompares the current crisis to the Great Recession.