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Sagent Lending Technologies Launches a New User Interface

Sagent Lending Technologies, based out of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania has launched a new user interface (UI) for its loan servicing system, LoanServ. Inspired by client feedback and market needs, the new user interface is based on a human-centric design that could enhance the business user experience and increase a servicer’s overall productivity.

“The new and improved look of the LoanServ user interface makes it easier and faster for users to navigate the system, assess the information presented there, and take appropriate action,” says Charles Sutherland, CPO at Sagent. “The new look and feel is intuitive and easy to use as it is based on the design principles already incorporated into many familiar web-based applications, so user training on the system can focus on servicing activities.”

The new LoanServ UI is a direct result of iterative design and test cycles performed in partnership with LoanServ clients, coupled with work from Sagent user experience designers. Today as a result of this investment, LoanServ aims to provide servicing teams with optimized user experience.

The company’s suite of origination, servicing, and processing solutions are designed to help borrowers to gain control of their finances by offering the ability to complete transactions online, some may be able to view and pay their billing statements, manage loans, obtain payoff estimates. Context-sensitive guides are designed to submit requests related to property damage, dropping mortgage insurance coverage, and loss mitigation.

In November, the company announced that it had supported 1 million consumer loans on the previous version of the loan-servicing system that allowed servicers to consolidate their applications into a single platform. Consumer lending is highly variable in product and support needs and the system helped to automate direct and indirect channels. LoanServ is designed to support changing product types while helping servicers manage state compliance on rates, refunds, late changes, and more. The system also adds automation for collections, reserved balances, secondary marketing, and even hypothecation functions.

Bret Leech, CEO, Sagent Lending Technologies said “Solutions need to be built for today’s marketplace to help servicers compete, deliver best-in-class borrower experiences, and reduce overall costs. One million consumer loans actively being serviced on LoanServ signals to the market that the solution is trusted by a variety of servicers and can handle the increased scale and flexibility that modern lending demands, this is quite the milestone for us.”