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What’s for Sale in America’s Priciest ZIP Codes

Having pointed out the most expensive ZIP codes [1] in each state about a month ago, realtor.com [2] this month set out to reveal some of the most expensive homes on the market in some of those most expensive neighborhoods. Its “Haute Homes” [3] list includes 12 notable homes currently listed for sale.

America’s priciest neighborhood of all, Beverly Hills, California, the famous ZIP code 90210 has a median list price of a little over $6 million.

At the high end of this high-end neighborhood, is a 9-acre property on which sits a 20-bedroom house with 16 full bathrooms and five half-bathrooms. Separately are two two-story guest houses, along with a tennis court, pool, and pool house. This standout home is listed for $165 million, the most expensive home on realtor.com’s list of 12 pricey homes in the nation’s priciest neighborhoods.

In Colorado’s most expensive ZIP code, 81654, the median list price as of February was a little over $3 million, placing it at the high end of America’s most expensive ZIP codes.

Currently for sale in this ZIP code, in Snowmass, Colorado, is a sprawling 900-acre property with an 18,000-square foot home and 15 miles of private trails. There’s even a labyrinth on this expansive property. Construction was completed in 2007.

For something more historic, a more modest four-bedroom, three bathroom, three-half-bathroom house sits in Massachusetts’ 02108 ZIP code in Boston. Here, the median list price is also just over $3 million, but this standout property is listed for barely under $9 million. Built in 1899, the home is 6,500 square feet and includes updated amenities such as a home theater.

All of the homes on this month’s list of luxury homes for sale had price tags in the millions—many in the 10s of millions.

However, in several states, the most expensive neighborhoods maintain median list prices well under the $1 million mark. The lowest list price of the most expensive neighborhood in each state was found in ZIP code 58503 in Bismark, North Dakota. Here the median list price is $346,664. ZIP code 39110 in Madison, Mississippi, was not far behind with a median list price of $397,004.

The research team at realtor.com calculated the median list price of homes in 2018 in each ZIP code in the nation but then disregarded any with fewer than 30 listings per month. For its “Haute Homes” list, the group singled out 12 notable homes in those ZIP codes.