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Delgado & HUD’s Carson Discuss Housing Industry Challenges

Leaders from the mortgage industry are engaging in an open dialogue with their government peers during the annual Five Star Government Forum [1] in Washington, D.C., today. The gathering involves leaders from both sides of the industry engaging in a frank dialogue about the most pressing issues facing the mortgage and housing industries, while charting the way forward to tackle those issues.

The day-long event kicked off with a morning Keynote Address by Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, Secretary, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development [2] (HUD), will include sessions discussing common-sense policy reforms, the state of the economy and the housing market, and updates on policies and regulations.

During their discussion, Five Star Global President & CEO Ed Delgado spoke with Carson about topics ranging from HUD's role in the housing market to their recent actions against Facebook, their role in disaster recovery initiatives, and more.

Delgado and Carson

Ed Delgado, president & CEO of Five Star Global, met with U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson during the 2019 Five Star Government Forum in Washington D.C.

“We are proud to host The Five Star Government Forum,” Delgado told DS News. “The open dialogue between government officials and industry stakeholders during this event  is an important step towards ensuring progress across the industry.”

Today's speakers also include The Hon. Brian D. Montgomery, Acting Deputy Secretary and Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner, HUD; Danielle Johnson-Kutch, Director, Office of Financial Stability, U.S. Department of the Treasury [3]; Mark McArdle, Assistant Director, Mortgage Markets, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [4]; Mark Palim, VP and Deputy Chief Economist, Fannie Mae [5]; Leslie Meaux Pordzik, Acting SVP, Office of Issuer and Portfolio Management, Ginnie Mae [6]; and Sandra Thompson, Deputy Director, Division of Housing Mission and Goals, Federal Housing Finance Agency [7].

The event also saw Auction.com continuing a tradition by delivering a $50,000 check to Operation Homefront [8], a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit "whose mission is to build strong, stable, and secure military families." The check was the first of a two-part commitment, with the second to be delivered at this year's Five Star Conference [9] in September.

"The Five Star Government Forum represents a rare—and invaluable—opportunity for government and industry leaders to share ideas and insights,” said Marcel Bryar, Founder, Housing Gears, LLC [10]. “We all benefit from the Forum, and the best practices shared there improve policy and compliance."

"The Five Star team has put together an all-star lineup for the 10th annual Five Star Government Forum," said Jodi Gaines, Vice Chair, CRFS. "Simply put, the decision makers and those that can influence impactful change will be in attendance. This forum is too good to miss."

Hon. Brian D. Montgomery, Acting Deputy Secretary and Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner, HUD, delivers his afternoon keynote address.

Tim Rood, Chairman of the Collingwood Group [11], told DS News, “Access to adequate and affordable housing is a bipartisan issue that has reached critical mass. The issue spans socioeconomic and geographic boundaries which can no longer be ignored. The FSGF provides influencers and stakeholders in the developing affordability crisis the forum and opportunity to explore practical solutions for policy makers to consider.”

“We value the Forum because it advances the conversation about housing,” said Michael Waldron, Chief Compliance Officer, Bayview Loan Servicing [12]. “It brings together thought leaders on policy, operations, and compliance to share experiences and insight that result in actionable takeaways that add to the evolution of our industry and the manner in which we serve consumers.”

The 2019 FSGF panel and discussion lineup also includes representatives from Altisource [13]; the American Enterprise Institute [14]; Bayview Loan Servicing [12]; the Collingwood Group [11]; CRFS [15]; Experian Consumer Information Services [16]; FICO [17]; Finicity [18]; FinRegLab [19]; Housing Gears, LLC [10]; the Milken Institute [20]; the National Association of Realtors [21]; Treliant, LLC [22]; Trott Law, PC [23]; and Urban Institute [24].