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FHFA Checks in on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The Federal Housing Finance Agency recently released its 2018 Scorecard Progress Report, detailing major activities of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2018. The report includes information on how the GSEs contributed to achieving FHFA's three strategic goals as conservator of the Enterprises, including maintaining foreclosure prevention activities and credit availability, reducing taxpayer risk, and building a new single-family securitization infrastructure.

Part of the Scorecard discusses the FHFA’s plan for Fannie and Freddie to transfer a meaningful portion of credit risk on at least 90 percent of the unpaid principal balance. As part of this effort, Fannie Mae [1] recently began marketing its eleventh sale of reperforming loans [2] as part of the company's ongoing effort to reduce the size of its retained mortgage portfolio. The sale consists of approximately 21,400 loans, having an unpaid principal balance of approximately $3.3 billion, and is available for purchase by qualified bidders.

Meanwhile, Freddie Mac [3] recently announced an approximate $363 million non-performing loan (NPL) transaction, an auction of seasoned non-performing residential first lien whole loans held in Freddie Mac’s mortgage-related investments portfolio.

As part of the FHFA’s effort to build a single security platform, Common Securitization Solutions, LLC along with Fannie and Freddie are to implement the Single Security Initiative on the Common Securitization Platform for both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the Q2  2019. As part of this implementation Freddie Mac recently announced that its Investor Reporting Change Initiative (IRCI) will revise Single-Family investor reporting requirements, beginning in May 2019, including moving the investor reporting cycle from mid-month to end-of-month and updating remittance cycles.

Freddie Mac states that it is making the changes [4] to promote alignment and industry standards for the Uniform Mortgage Backed Security. In March, the Federal Housing Finance Agency [5] (FHFA) issued a final rule that requires Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to align programs, policies, and practices that affect the cash flows of “To-Be-Announced" (TBA)-eligible Mortgage-Backed Securities. The agency statement [6] indicated that this is a major step forward. “This rule demonstrates FHFA's commitment to the success of the UMBS, which will promote liquidity and efficiency in the secondary mortgage market," said Joseph Otting, FHFA Acting Director.

Find the complete Scorecard here. [7]