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Zombie Homes: Why Won’t They Die Out?

zombie home

While the number of so-called “zombie homes [1]” has dropped precipitously since the heights of the housing crisis and its aftermath, these undead properties still haunt many markets, stuck in a sort of foreclosure [2] limbo. To learn more about zombie homes—how many are still out there, where they’re located, and why they’re so stubbornly hard to kill—check out a short video from Marketplace [3] below.

If you want to dive deeper down the rabbit hole when it comes to zombie homes, and the challenges they present for servicers, financial services law firms, and field services companies, we’ve got your back. A full recording of last week’s DS News webinar, “Zombie Homes—Challenges and Guidance,” is now available by clicking here [4]. You can also download the PowerPoint slides from the webinar by clicking here [5].