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CoreLogic Collaborates With Xceedance on Catastrophe Model Solution

CoreLogic [1] has announced a partnership with Xceedance [2], a provider of insurance consulting, managed services and technology. Under the arrangement, reinsurers and brokers will have access to CoreLogic’s suite of 180+ catastrophe models via transactional, on-demand catastrophe modelling services performed by Xceedance.

Catastrophe models assist with insurers’ understanding of the risks they are writing, whether it be a typhoon in Asia, earthquake in Italy, or wildfire in the USA.

The extended agreement now allows Xceedance to provide transactional based services utilizing CoreLogic’s RQE platform with access to the complete suite of 180+ catastrophe models as well as those available on the Oasis LMF platform.

“Whilst we continue to extend the range of models available on the Oasis platform, CoreLogic is delighted to respond to increasing market demand for flexibility, by offering our full suite of models on the RQE platform in partnership with on-demand cat modelling services from Xceedance,” said William Forde, Senior Director, Product Management, Insurance and Spatial Solutions at CoreLogic.

CoreLogic offers its catastrophe models on the open-source Oasis Loss Modelling Framework (Oasis LMF) as well as on its own RQE catastrophe modelling platform.

“We are delighted about partnering with CoreLogic, in support of our joint vision to make life easier for reinsurers and brokers, which allows for refined and timely visibility into catastrophic risks,” said Justin Davies, Head of Region, EMEA at Xceedance. “Cost-effective access to CoreLogic’s broad, high-definition and data enriched catastrophe models brings substantial value to the market.”