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Trump Breaks Silence on Housing

2-1 Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been mostly silent about housing during his campaign. But on Thursday, he shared with a crowd of home building professionals that the home building business and housing industry taught him everything he knows.

In his speech at the National Association of Home Builders' 2016 Midyear Board of Directors Meeting in Miami, Florida, Trump focused on the idea that because his father was in the home building business, he learned firsthand what it looks like to work hard saying, “there is no greater thing you can do.”

“I have great respect for home builders, because I grew up with a home builder,” said Trump. “He was a really good home builder. And I used to sit at his knee with blocks, and I'd watch my father or listen to my father negotiate on the phone with the plumbers, and the sheetrockers, and the electricians. . all of them. And I learned.”

Trump remarked that he really felt like he knew the audience because he understands where they come from. Trump stated that one of the big issues facing the housing industry, though, was regulation. Trump notes that in particular there is no group regulated harder than the housing industry. Trump feels that these regulations kill not just the small businesses but jobs in general. Trump plans to eliminate these regulations and instead implement a method of creating jobs without regulation.

“You're amazing people. You can do amazing things.”

Donald Trump, addressing the NAHB

“Overregulation, which is a big problem, is costing our economy 2 trillion dollars a year,” said Trump. “Think of that. And you are a big beneficiary of overregulation, because there's nobody other than, I would say, the energy industry, that is overregulated more than the home building industry. Nobody.”

Trump said that he believes unemployment is not 5 percent, but instead is probably 20 or 21 percent and he stated some people think it's higher. He shared that he believes eliminating regulation is the only way to create jobs and America will benefit from jobs created without regulation.

“The U.S. economy today is 25 percent smaller than it would have been without the surge of regulations since 1980,” said Trump. “So many businesses knocked down. We will issue an executive order to impose a temporary regulation moratorium on new agency regulations.”

In addition to these points, Trump also zeroed in on his plans to reduce taxes for particularly small businesses saying Hillary Clinton plans announcing her plan to increase taxes but he plans to reduce then by 15 percent in order to let small businesses flourish and find money to invest in expansions.

Trump ended his time noting the love he feels towards those in small businesses and particularly the home building industry. “You're amazing people. You can do amazing things. No go back and build homes and create jobs and we will make, together, America great again.”

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