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Permanent Loan Modifications Rise Higher in Q2

House on Money BHHOPE NOW recently released its Q2 2016 data, and it reported over 100,000 permanent modifications completed during the past quarter.

From April through June 2016, 100,198 permanent loan modifications signified a 16 percent increase from Q1 2016. Of these loan modifications, approximately 69,000 homeowners received proprietary loan modifications as well as 31,684 homeowners received loan modifications completed under the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).

“The Q2-2016 data report confirms the continuous decline of serious delinquency rates across the country. With the lowest reported total to date (1.54 million), markets continue to make recovery from the housing crisis,” said Eric Selk, Executive Director for HOPE NOW. “For those homeowners who still face struggles with affording their mortgage, there are a plethora of options available to them. HOPE NOW servicers remain committed to assisting homeowners avoid foreclosure. The 335,000 non-foreclosure solutions that servicers offered in Q2 is a testament to the assistance that is still being offered. Completed foreclosure sales remain on a consistent decline and the 150,000 homeowners that entered foreclosure in April – June is the lowest quarterly reported total. Despite starting foreclosure, these borrowers will be reviewed for numerous retention and non-retention options before foreclosure is completed.”

Additionally, approximately 335,000 homeowners received non-foreclosure solutions from mortgage servicers in Q2. Other non-foreclosure solutions included modifications, short sales repayment plans, deeds in lieu, other retention plans, and liquidation plans. The report states that in situations where a homeowner does not qualify for long term permanent loan modification, mortgage servicers continue to look for short term options that could potentially lead to a permanent solution. Sited by the report is the note that some families will be able to come back from delinquency with a short term repayment plan.

“While home retention options are the desired outcome for most homeowners, there is an impressive number of solutions at the industry’s disposal for handling cases in which a HAMP modification or proprietary modification is not viable,” said Selk. “Often these short term alternatives and liquidation options are in the best interest of the homeowner and many times at their request in the case of short sales and deeds in lieu. HOPE NOW’s members have always taken a collaborative approach to assisting families and this coalition of partnerships has led to a significant nationwide housing recovery.”

The report also noted that non-foreclosure solutions continue to outpace completed foreclosure sales by a margin of more than four to one with 335,000 solutions to 81,000 foreclosure sales. HOPE NOW states that the variety of solutions that a servicer is able to provide to an at-risk homeowner allows for the homeowner to avoid a foreclosure sale in most circumstances.

To view the full report from Q2 click HERE.

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