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Aspen Grove Debuts New Collections Solution for Servicers

Aspen Grove Solutions [1] has announced the launch of a new collections solution for the mortgage servicing space. 

Aspen’s collections product guides both an associate and borrower through a series of micro-journeys built to investor and organizational compliance. Each micro-journey is a composition of data points and workflow configured into a defined call flow, ensuring consistent and compliant call practices between all associates. Every transaction is logged with real-time status updates, reporting, and auditability, supporting rapid decisioning. 

According to Seán Ryan [2]—CEO of Aspen Grove, “the collections product reduces call volume, increases call productivity, ensures compliance and standard responses, and results in better outcomes for all stakeholders.” 

“This is accomplished by creating a front end for collections servicing to pull all data relevant to a loan into one screen for the associate, no matter what direction the call goes with the borrower—thus eliminating manual checklists and the need for multiple follow-up calls.” 

“We are very excited to bring this new and unique solution to the servicing industry,” Ryan concluded. 

About Aspen Grove Solutions 

Aspen has been solving technology challenges for the mortgage industry since 1997. Aspen Grove’s enterprise platform automates, tracks, and manages performing and non-performing servicing processes while providing next generation customer engagement. This helps clients to minimize servicing risks, reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure better outcomes for all stakeholders