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NAHB Announces Plans to Endorse Congressional Candidates

Handshake Two BHFor the first time in their 74-year history, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has recently announced that they are officially endorsing candidates for the U.S. House and Senate in the upcoming November 8 elections.

"Our rational is that as we have come out of the Great Recession, we have taken very strong note of the fact that as the housing industry burned, Congress fiddled and we are of the mindset now that the next congress needs to look at housing seriously, recognizing its importance to both the economy and to the social fabric of our country and take actions that are long overdue,” says NAHB CEO, Jerry Howard.

When the 115th Congress convenes in Washington early next year, NAHB shares that there will be plenty of unfinished housing business awaiting lawmakers. According to the announcement, NAHB believes that Congress must focus on reforming and streamlining the regulatory process and ensuring that any tax reform efforts protect vital housing tax incentives that are needed to keep housing and the economy moving forward. They also believe Congress needs to work on easing tight credit conditions for home buyers as well as enacting comprehensive housing finance reform.

“As housing goes, so goes the economy,” says NAHB Chairman Ed Brady, a home builder and developer from Bloomington, Illinois “This election could determine if the housing and economic recovery stays on track or veers off course. The incumbents and candidates from both political parties that NAHB will be endorsing have all exhibited a commitment to advance policies that will promote homeownership and rental housing opportunities for all Americans.”

The announcement states that in the coming days and weeks, NAHB will be working with its state and local home builders associations to coordinate announcing the endorsements. They share that a full list will be available after all the endorsements have been finalized.

“The housing recovery has been sluggish at best and that is in large part due to the failure of our elected officials to act on some very important issues so we've decided to look at each and every congressional race with our local associations in those districts and determine whether or not there is either a candidate or an encompass that is worthy of our endorsement,” says Howard. “It is an endorsement that is based upon their pro-housing stance regardless of what party they are a member of.”

Additionally, the NAHB states that it does not endorse candidates for president.

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