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Industry Webinar Spotlight: MBS, Servicing, and REO Expectations

The DS News and MReport webinar series are your sources for complimentary insights and education about critical industry topics. Even better, if you miss the webinar, the archived editions remain online for you to check out at your leisure.

Examining Ginnie Mae Eligibility Requirements for Single-Family MBS Issuers
Sponsored by Incenter Mortgage Advisors, LLC

DS News hosts a discussion with these subject-matter experts from Incenter:

They examine Ginnie Mae's recent RFI, including the impact of proposed changes/regulations, setting the tone of cooperation and understanding what Ginnie Mae is trying to accomplish, and any potential unintended consequences. View the recording here [1].

ABCs of B2B Integration for Seamless Servicing
Sponsored by Freddie Mac

Servicing is going through a transformation, and B2B integration is emerging as a new normal for conducting business. The past year brought to light how paramount it is to have automation built into digital platforms. The mortgage servicing industry needs the tools to be responsive to homeowners, especially during times of elevated delinquencies. B2B integration boosts efficiency and provides value where your organization needs it the most in the servicing lifecycle. Hear insights from:

During this webinar you’ll walk away with answers to questions such as 1) What is B2B integration and how does it work? 2) What are some examples of B2B in loan servicing? 3) How does it benefit me and my organization? 4) How are homeowners positively impacted? 5) What B2B opportunities exist today? 6) Where can I learn more? View the recording here. [2]

Post-Pandemic REO Expectations as Forbearance and Moratoriums Expire
Sponsored by Radian

With the decline in borrower participation in mortgage forbearance programs and the end of foreclosure and eviction moratoria on the horizon, Radian VP of REO Operations Andrew Oliverson and Dave Bolos VP of Radian Operations discuss the potential aftereffects on REO properties, including what it means for servicers and REO asset managers. The webinar will also outline the benefits of using technology to help manage the expected surge in REO volume.

View the recording here. [3]