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A Snapshot of FHFA’s Affordable Housing Goals

The FHFA released its Annual Housing Report [1] Friday. It outlines Freddie Mac's and Fannie Mae's 2019 affordable housing activities, fulfilling a requirement of 1992's Safety and Soundness Act [2], and more.

To put it all in context, the report showed that Fannie Mae in its 2019 Annual Mortgage Report, acquired $568.3 billion of loans on
single-family, owner-occupied housing. Freddie Mac’s 2019 Annual Mortgage Report,  showed that the GSE acquired $429.4 billion of such loans.

In addition to describing the GSE's affordable housing-related actions, the report provided information about single-family loan GSE purchases broken down by race or ethnicity, gender, census tract median income, fixed-rate vs. adjustable-rate, loan-to-value ratio, and credit score, according to the introduction.

Some examples of single-family goals, outlined in the report:

The report also delves into subprime, nontraditional, and higher-priced mortgage loan data.

Finally, the document includes information about the national mortgage market based on the National Mortgage Database [3] (NMDB), a program jointly funded and managed by FHFA and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, designed to provide a robust source of information about the U.S. mortgage market.

For all of the FHFA's data-populated spreadsheets, methodology, and further detail, the entire 2020 Housing Report can be accessed here [1].