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The Election and Housing: What You Need to Know

There is no denying that 2020 has been an eventful year, with a pandemic, protests, natural disasters, and, of course, a historic presidential election. Now, the country holds its breath for one more day as the election comes to a close.

The election outcome will undoubtedly impact every industry in the nation, and the housing industry is no exception. MReport and DS News have provided unique coverage of the election and its relationship with the housing industry regarding prices, inventory, migration trends, the candidates’ housing experience, and more.

Take a look through these five top stories on the 2020 election from MReport and DS News:


A survey showed "some home sellers—and buyers, to a lesser extent—are delaying their plans because of all the stress and uncertainty in the world, including the divisiveness surrounding the presidential election." 

An economic expert has delved into the ways incumbent President Donald Trump's policies compare to the challenger and former VP Joe Biden's actions and stances regarding industry issues.

As city dwellers continue to leave urban centers behind, how might these shifts impact the presidential election results?

Researchers looked at major housing indicators to see how greatly they diverged between red, blue, and swing states.

The vice-presidential candidates each have unique points of view on housing. Here’s how they might impact the future.