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Real Estate Tech Titans Create a New Platform

Real estate technology entrepreneurs including founders of Ten-X [1], Auction.com [2], LendingTree [3], Realtor.com, Fizber [4], and Money360 [5] have announced the launch of an educational resource and proprietary recommendation engine for homeowners, SOLD.com [6].

The Irvine, California based company will allow consumers to compare dozens of home selling options so that they can decide which approach and resources enable them to sell for the highest prices in the shortest time while minimizing fees. The engine is completely free for consumers.

“Selling a home is one of the biggest financial – and often, most emotional – decisions people make, and because it may only happen once or twice during a lifetime, it’s not something that becomes second nature over time,” said Matt Woods, President of SOLD.com. “SOLD.com is committed to helping homeowners understand all of the options available to them for selling their homes while protecting their valuable equity, and will serve as a trusted, unbiased resource throughout the home selling process.”

The platform's recommendation engine is powered by machine learning that considers thousands of data points for individual properties, local markets, and individual seller preferences. Users are asked a few simple questions about their home and their top objectives during the sales process.

SOLD.com’s proprietary technology then evaluates the top local real estate agents, institutional buyers, discount agent models and more to match the seller with the option that will best help them achieve their goals. The platform also provides a personal concierge to assist the homeowner through their selling experience.

The company's board members include Jeff Frieden, co-founder and Chairman of Auction.com and Ten-X; Evan Gentry, founder and CEO of Money360, Inc. and Fizber; and Steve Ozonian, lead director for LendingTree and former CEO of Realtor.com, who provide the company with a wealth of expertise spanning technology, finance and marketing in the real estate arena.