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Optimal Blue Provides Pricing Info to Media CRM Users

Optimal Blue [1], a provider of a secondary mortgage market eCommerce platform, announced a partnership with Media Center CRM [2], which provides customer relationship management solutions to the mortgage industry. Mortgage and real estate professionals using Media Center CRM will have access to real-time prices from Optimal Blue.

“Though we generally build our own system enhancements, there are instances where the smartest thing to do is partner with a firm that has the experience and is the technology leader in their space, so that our customers can enjoy the benefits of our individual strengths,” said Dan Harrington, CEO of Media Center CRM.

Optimal Blue called the integration “logical and timely,” adding that Media Center CRM provides a vehicle for Optimal Blue to deliver pricing information to mortgage professionals and their customers.

“Borrowers are demanding a more streamlined and simplified experience in every aspect of their lives, and dynamics of the mortgage process is no exception,” said Bob Brandt, VP of Marketing and Alliances at Optimal Blue.

“Well-designed integrations between leading technology partners is the fastest and most efficient way to bring the best-of-the-best directly to the consumer,” Brandt said.