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CRFS Expands Service Offerings

Claims Recovery Financial Services [1] (CRFS), a New York-based investor and insurer claims management solutions provider has announced the addition of new consulting and data analytics services, expanding its platform of defaulted-loan product offerings.

The added services complement CRFS’s claims processing solutions platform, allowing clients to choose from a comprehensive, full-plate menu of consulting services based on their unique business needs. Over the last 15 years, the company's services have helped clients to achieve quality results, submission timeliness, loss reductions, and recovery maximizations. CRFS says that its independence and industry expertise provide its partners with the ability to reallocate vital internal resources, successfully scale production operations, and ultimately reduce risk while enhancing financial outcomes.

The additional bouquet of services offered by CRFS includes five services that provide clients with a comprehensive product scope, across all facets of the claims, audit quality assurance, and property liquidation environments. CRFS said that it will customize a plan based on the needs of each individual client.

The Investor/Insurer Mock HUD Audit Review service includes a comprehensive review of previously filed claims, as a preemptive measure to actual audits, to ensure claim-filing accuracy and/or identify areas of operational efficiency. Investor and insurer mortgage servicing audits are routine, so claim-filing accuracy is critical both from a regulatory and financial-exposure perspective.

Through the Investor/Insurer HUD Audit Support service, CRFS provides clients with front-to-back support in the event of an actual FHA claim audit. Its Operational Enhancement Consulting service involves in-depth claim processing best practice studies conducted on-site by CRFS's consulting staff and covers various areas.

Its Accelerated Disposition Dashboard analysis delivers strategic loan-level reviews, high-risk property assessments, and financial-exposure consequences associated with alternative asset liquidation options including REO, CWCOT, and traditional conveyance. CRFS's Surchargeable Damage (Property Preservation) Review service, offered in conjunction with the Accelerated Disposition Dashboard analysis, involves a comprehensive review of property inspection and preservation histories, ensuring that property conditions comply with third-party sale or property conveyance requirements relative to surchargeable damage (including mortgagee neglect).