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LRES Names New Chief Appraiser

8-11 Wynetta Byers croppedReal estate services provider LRES [1] has announced the promotion of Wynetta Byers to chief appraiser.

Byers previously served as senior staff appraiser with LRES, where her responsibilities included managing client appraisal appeals processes, assisting new clients with product development, establishing appraisal requirements, and analyzing and reconciling different valuation products for clients. Before joining LRES, Byers was a certified appraiser for a residential appraisal company which specialized in origination appraisals probabe, and complex and high-end properties.

As chief appraiser for LRES, Byers will be responsible for developing, recommending, and implementing sound valuation risk management strategies. Those strategies include developing and refining LRES property valuation products and services in order to increase efficiency and reduce problems for customers.

Her responsibilities in her new role will also include: overseeing appraisal and valuation techniques, developing and implementing strategies to increase productivity and compliance, developing staff and client training programs, developing solutions within the appraisal review process, and ensuring appraisals comply with regulatory guidelines and meet applicable standards.

“Wynetta’s established leadership coupled with her strong understanding of appraisal regulatory requirements such as USPAP greatly streamlines LRES’ valuation department,” said Roger Beane, CEO of LRES. “Her extensive knowledge of property valuation methods and mortgage loan collateral issues make her the obvious choice for the position.”

LRES is a national company headquartered in Orange, California, and provides residential and commercial real estate services including REO asset management, HOA, and technology solutions for the mortgage and real estate industry.