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Auction.com Team Help Drive $39B in National Sales

The Auction.com team with a buyerAuction.com [1] has said that their team has driven $39 billion in national sales. Over the past 10 years, Auction.com’s brand has become synonymous with digital innovation and client service in the real estate industry, the company said in a statement. Auction.com connects buyers and sellers by making it possible to transact foreclosure, CWCOT and REO sales online. 

"Most observers attribute Auction.com’s success to industry-leading marketing and innovative technologies, but that’s only part of our story," said Jason Allnutt, General Manager, Auction.com. "Auction.com created the foreclosure auction market in 2011. Since then we’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars in technology and marketing support to grow the auction marketplace. But, we believe that our investment in human capital and commitment to an unmatched local footprint of highly skilled field teams is one of the reasons we are the only full-service auction provider."

Today, the company covers live auctions in more than 3,100 counties with the support of over 600 skilled and dedicated Auction.com employees.

Auction.com said that it conducts foreclosure auctions at the courthouse, leveraging their proprietary technology, data science, marketing and their “sea of green shirts,” to drive toward higher sales rates. "Our local teams standardize the registration, bidding and closing process to promote transparency and competition, closing the feedback loop through rich data and analytics to our clients. All these efforts work in unison to maximize sales and improve outcomes for sellers and buyers," Allnut said.

Auction.com is the only national real estate auction marketplace with local operations throughout the country. "We build strong partnerships with local stakeholders, including investors, foreclosure attorneys, brokers and sheriff departments, by maintaining a highly visible and professional presence at every local auction event, regardless of climate, auction type, or location and by assisting each stakeholder to enable foreclosure sales," Allnut said. "Our field team’s priorities are to meet our buyers’ questions and service needs and exceed our sellers’ expectations. This team is instrumental in breaking down the barriers of entry for new prospective buyers, reducing fear and complexity of the foreclosure auction process through education and customer support."

The company said that over 60 percent of its foreclosure auction buyers each month are first-time new customers of Auction.com. 

"Our 600+ field team is a powerful example of Auction.com’s commitment to go Beyond the Bid, which is to exceed the status quo in everything we do," Allnut said.