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Cyprexx Services Announces New, Innovative Property Entry-Management System

shutterstock_491993539Cyprexx Services, LLC in partnership with Prempoint Inc. plans to launch a new entry management system in Fall 2017, dubbed Lockwise. Lockwise is a new keyless entry management system that allows property access to be granted digitally, syncing with the Prempoint app, allowing property managers to control access from any geographical location by utilizing an online dashboard. This new technology eliminates the need for traditional key-based locks that typically complicate the process of accessing assets.

Currently, physical keys provided directly by property managers or via lockboxes present security concerns, including theft, loss, inaccurate access codes, or unauthorized key duplication. As a response, Lockwise can all together eliminate the recurring monetary and time costs of rekeying.  The devices require no special equipment for installation and provide a more secure, flexible, manageable, and aesthetically pleasing solution to securing properties.

These new devices, when paired with an authorized user via Prempoint, allow property managers to securely control property entry without the need for traditional rekey, or be physically present to grant access. Cyprexx believes this new solution is inventive and adaptable by providing the ability to remove or add authorized users as needed, from any location. At any time, property managers will have the ability to grant property access to maintenance vendors, tenants, and inspectors. Additionally, relevant documents such as work orders, lease agreements, and photos can be securely shared using the encrypted Prempoint system.

“We are delighted to be in partnership with Prempoint. When first introduced to their technology, we immediately were encouraged to inject capital to help them develop innovative solutions that we can bring to market. Combined with our Bluetooth lock technology ‘Lockwise’ we see this unique solution as an enabler for Cyprexx to enter the Property Management space. In addition, the control of who gets access, when they get access and the reporting capability of this technology in eliminating the many issues of keys in the Defaults space is exciting. The added control to the access of clients’ properties is powerful, said Ed Mullen, CEO of Cyprexx Services

Matthew Hartley, CEO and co-founder of Prempoint Inc. added, “This partnership with Cyprexx is giving us a huge opportunity to help the property management and realty industries.  It's an exciting time for both companies, but I'm even more excited for our customers.  The investment we received is being put towards revolutionizing how property managers and realtors will manage access to properties.  No more lockboxes.  No more traditional keys.  No more pin codes.  All that our customers need is Prempoint and a 'Lockwise' Bluetooth lock from Cyprexx.  They can manage keyless entry to hundreds even thousands of properties from anywhere at anytime.  Our goal is to empower our customers, and lower their costs, with the elegance of simplicity!”

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