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Whole Loan Trading Technology & Trends

On a recent broadcast of Mortgage Markets Today Steve Schipper, Founder & CEO of LendTrade, discussed the future of the whole loan trading advisory business and technology.  Schipper stated that buyers and sellers are more sophisticated than ever and generally don’t need an advisory service, but really want a connection with a potential trading partner without paying a broker or success fee.  Schipper goes on to discuss non-agency whole loan trading trends, GSE reform and the most popular trading profiles on LendTrade.

About LendTrade
LendTrade connect you with an active community of experienced tradeprofessionals.  No percentage fees, no unnecessary negotiations.  Connect with experienced professionals who match your trading criteria. www.lendtrade.com

About Mortgage Markets Today
Relevant discussions regarding capital markets, whole loan / MSR / secondary trading, real estate and mortgage lending.

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Host Louis Amaya of iServe delves into the intricacies of the investment environment while discussing whole loan, MSR, and secondary trading as well as real estate and mortgage lending. Investors, lenders, service providers, and all those interested in and affected by mortgage and housing markets can tune in on the web or download on iTunes.

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