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Investment Opportunities in the Current Housing Market

On this broadcast of Mortgage Markets Today, Rael Gorelick, co-founder of Gorelick Brothers Capital discussed investment opportunities in the current environment.  Gorelick discussed his strategy of buying debt (IO strips, junior bond tranches, whole loans) during an environment of home value decline and buying equity (real estate) as values increase.   Gorelick stated the industry has transitioned from the collapse and is now growing in the new post-crash infrastructure.  Gorelick goes on to discuss credit availability, single family home aggregation, FNMA, Freddie, shadow inventory and more

About Gorelick Brother Capital
A team of individuals from the private, non-profit and public sectors joined forces to create an investment fund to acquire mortgage and real estate related debt nationwide with the mandate of neighborhood stabilization and homeowner retention.  Private, Non-Profit and Public Collaboration providing solutions and investor returns.
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