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DS News Webcast: Monday 7/6/2015

National Appraisal Congress has announced the formation of the Society of Young Appraisal Professionals, an NAC subcommittee focused on addressing the declining workforce in the residential valuations space. The new subcommittee's focus will be on actively recruiting, educating, and promoting apprentice appraisers and on brainstorming ideas and developing solutions to help appraisers who have been in the valuation space for five years or less.

Effective immediately, the Society of Young Professional Appraisers will become an active part of NAC, which is a Five Star Institute membership group that collaborates on sustainable solutions for issues impacting U.S. appraisers and the residential valuations industry. NAC is actively working to address the shortage of apprentice appraisers by developing a plan to foster dialogue with state and federal regulators which not only would streamline oversight of apprentice appraisers, but on using cost-effective strategies to train those apprentices.

Consumers grow uneasy as the spring season comes to a close and recent gains in the housing market begin to decline. Clear Capital reported in its recently-released Home Data Index Market Report for June 2015 that 2015 will be a non-growth year. In January, the company predicted total national housing market growth for 2015 to reach 1.3%, more than 5% lower than growth for 2014 at 6.7%. The adjusted forecast presumes that year-end national growth will come in at 2.6%, falling within the projected range of 1% to 3%.

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