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Tom Reaves Receives Lifetime Achievement Award at NoteExpo Convention


Co-founder of National Asset Advisors Tom Reaves, who has partnered with NoteSchool for over 10 years, was given a lifetime achievement award at the NoteExpo Convention "for his “high moral business standards, visionary leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and his lifetime commitment to the Note Industry.”

NoteSchool founder Eddie Speed presented the award at the ceremony after mentioning that Reaves and co-founder David Campbell "have always been dedicated to maintaining a moral compass within the company—in both good and bad economic times."

“Our industry has gone through massive changes over the last few years,” said Reaves. “In order to survive we had to be nimble and change to meet the new challenges created by government regulations. We were able to accomplish this transition because of the diligence of our talented employees. By meeting these challenges head-on, we have become stronger and better able to service our customers while maintaining our goal of ‘doing the right thing every time.’”

Speed added, “Nothing has shaken Tom’s consistent attitude of ‘doing the right thing by everyone."

National Asset Advisors, LLC and National Asset Mortgage, LLC, both Reaves' affiliated companies, have worked with Speed and NoteExpo for a long time. Recently, the companies partnered to help members of the NoteSchool Mentorship program with loan origination, servicing notes, collections, and preservation.

“Students in our mentorship program range from highly sophisticated investors to those who are new to the business,” Speed explained. “We realized that there was a gap in the process that NAA is so uniquely qualified to provide–anywhere from billing to specialty services. The company has established procedures, a proven track record, and incredible scalability–all services that offer a perfect fit for the investors in our mentorship program.”

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