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Kurt Noyce to Head Embrace Loans’ Financial Institution Services

Kurt NoyceEmbrace Home Loans [1], a Rhode Island based mortgage company, announced has that Kurt Noyce will head its expanded Financial Institution Services Division.

Noyce has served as President of Embrace Home Loans for the last 18 years. During that time, he was instrumental in helping to lead the lender to become nearly a 1,000-employee company producing more than $3 billion annually in mortgage originations.

“We see there to be a sizable growth opportunity for us with helping banks be successful with furnishing mortgages to their customers and respond to the digitalization of mortgages. We need a proven leader and mortgage professional to guide this effort for us, and there is none better than Kurt for the task,” said Dennis Hardiman, CEO at Embrace Loans.

Embrace Home Loans includes a business-to-business component, providing loan operation functions to banks and credit unions.

Noyce was recently honored by the Providence Business News with its 2017 Excellence in Business Leadership Award. In his 27 years with Embrace, Noyce believes his and the company’s success can be attributed to never losing sight of the fact that serving a customer is a privilege.

A company release said that Dennis Hardiman will assume the role of President of Embrace Home Loans and will hold the title of CEO and President. Al Dussinger, Embrace’s CTO for 22 years, has been appointed to Chief Operating Officer.

Dussinger’s commonsense approach to business, knowledge of mortgages, entrepreneurial skills, and his ability to design and navigate digital solutions makes him a prototypical mortgage company COO for this digital age, the company said in a release.