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Fannie Mae Adds Vendors to DU Verification List

House on Money BHFannie Mae has recently expanded the list of third-party vendors who are approved to utilize the borrow income, employment, and assets data from the GSE’s Desktop Underwriter (DU) validation service, which was implemented through the Day 1 Certainty Initiative.

According to Fannie Mae, DU is designed to provide customers with enhanced loan origination controls, improved processes, and certainty around the income, asset, and employment information input into DU. When a lender opts-in to use DU and borrower data for a conventional mortgage is submitted, DU will use third-party vendor data to validate the information entered into the service.

The DU validation service will only pull three types of reports: employment and income verification from The Work Number, 4506-T tax transcripts from Equifax, and asset reports from FormFree. Vendors must provide these reports in order to qualify for the validation service.

The list of lenders that has been approved to access these reports are ACRAnet, Advantage Credit, Advantage Credit Bureau, Advantage Plus Credit Reporting, American Reporting Co., Avantus, Birchwood Credit Services, Certified Credit Reporting, UPF Services/Chronos Solutions, CIC Mortgage Credit, CISCO Credit, Clear Choice Credit Corp., Consolidated Information Services, CoreLogic, Credit Information Services, Credit Interlink, Credit Plus, Credit Technologies, Equifax (Tax Transcripts), Equifax (The Work Number), Floify, FormFree, Merchants Credit Bureau, Meridian Link, Midwest Mortgage Credit Services, Partners Credit, Settlement One, Sharper Lending, Universal Credit Services, and Veri-Tax.

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