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Vectra FS, Valuation Vision Introduce RepairSmart BPO

Vectra Field Services, a provider of pre-foreclosure and REO mortgage field services, and Valuation Vision, a company specializing in alternative valuation products and technology solutions, together announced the launch of RepairSmart BPO, a new property valuation report.

According to a release, the new solution “leverages the expertise of a property inspector and the market and valuation knowledge of a local real estate agent,” providing lenders, asset managers, investors, and insurance professionals all the information they need to know what’s required to prepare an asset in order to maximize their return.

“This next generation valuation product provides every detail needed to fuel a winning game plan for our clients,” said Vectra president Brice Bishop. “RepairSmart BPO combines products and services traditionally ordered separately from multiple suppliers and bundles them into an intuitive report that clearly reveals the right execution strategy for any asset.”

RepairSmart BPO taps the expertise of Vectra’s inspector network, who inspect more than 300 property components to create an accurate and comprehensive repair estimate. That data is then captured and reconciled by one of Valuation Vision’s local agents to deliver a report designed to reflect a subject property’s true potential in the local market.

“RepairSmart BPO greatly improves the reliability of valuation risk assessment by combining innovative technology, relevant human expertise and in-depth, [and] current market data to generate a truly collaborative result,” said Valuation Vision CEO Shane Copeland. “No other product leverages more diverse and relevant input to determine true capital expenditure exposure in their valuation methodology.”


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