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MCT Scores Top Marks in Product Satisfaction

Mortgage Capital Trading [1] (MCT), a California-based hedge advisory and secondary marketing software firm has announced that the 2018 STRATMOR Technology Insight Study rated it as the leader in overall satisfaction, lender loyalty, and functionality effectiveness in the production pipeline hedging industry, according to survey respondents.

According to STRATMOR Group, “72 percent of respondents use third-party tools for Production Pipeline Hedging and 29.9 percent chose MCT to conduct these analyses. Further, MCT’s Lender Loyalty ScoreTM value is an impressive 81; 20 points higher than the overall average score.”

The STRATMOR Group study results were gathered from a broad group of lender executives with the goal of providing lenders with data on the technology solutions available in the market today. Of the executives who responded to the survey, 45 percent were the head of, or part of, the technology department. Additionally, more than two-thirds of respondents were independent mortgage bankers, while 31 percent, were banks or credit unions.

“There’s never been a better time to be at MCT,” said Curtis Richins, President of MCT. “We have so many new technologies and innovations rolling out that everybody is excited about the future. We’re proud clients still experience the same boutique-style customer service despite our rapid growth.”

In the study, MCT was ranked the leader in overall satisfaction and functionality effectiveness ratings. Survey respondents gave MCT an overall satisfaction score of 9.1 out of 10, compared to the overall average satisfaction rating of 8.3. Additionally, MCT was the highest-rated vendor across nine areas of functionality effectiveness, including margin tracking, ease of use, reporting capabilities, and overall customer support. The majority of clients rated MCT as “highly effective / competitively advantaged” in eight of the nine functionality effectiveness areas.

“We’re very pleased with the results of STRATMOR’s 2018 Technology Insight Survey,” says Richins. “The results reflect MCT’s relentless mission to provide clients with ground-breaking new technology, such as the recently released bid tape AOT tri-party agreement automation within the Bid Auction Manager (BAM) whole loan trading platform.”