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The Mortgage Collective Expands Offerings to Include Solutions Group

handshake-twoThe Mortgage Collective recently announced its continued expansion with the addition of a new component-based Solutions Group, which will serve to combine the expertise and delivery of the industry’s leading service providers from individual, vertical offerings into comprehensive business solutions for mortgage banking, real estate services, originations, loan servicing, and default management.

“By combining service offerings from best-in-class industry service providers, The Mortgage Collective is able to deliver a unified, component-based solution approach that is more nimble and responsive than what the mega providers offer through acquisitions,” said Keith Murray, President and CEO of VRM Mortgage Services. ”Factor in the added benefit of providing thought leadership and industry networking opportunities, and we’ve established a truly disruptive solution for our industry.”

According to the Mortgage Collective, the Solutions Group is designed to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving mortgage industry. As new challenges arise, additional companies will have the opportunity to join the Solutions Group and participate in helping create the next generation of customized industry services.

“The Mortgage Collective Solutions Group is ideal for lenders, servicers, investors and GSE’s looking for new and innovative solutions that better align with today’s complex mortgage banking requirements,” said Brandon Kirkham, SVP of Business Expansion at VRM. “Modifying legacy technology solutions or pivoting inefficient work processes don’t create the agility and innovation needed to dramatically reduce cost to service while improving customer experience. Bring us your challenge and we will craft a solution that works.”