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Real Estate Capital Firm Provides Online Information on Bulk REO Properties for Investors

JWB Real Estate Capital REO PropertiesJacksonville, Florida-based JWB Real Estate Capital [1] is now providing a Web page to explain everything an investor or potential investor needs to know about bulk REO properties, according to a press release [2].

The practice of purchasing bank-owned properties in bulk quantities has become popular among investors in recent years, particularly at the height of the foreclosure wave in 2010 and 2011, because the properties can be bought at a fraction of the market value and then flipped for a profit.

"Investors can now buy single-family homes in top cities in the U.S. through banks and lenders that are unloading a backlog of properties," a spokesman for JWB Real Estate Capital said. "Rates of foreclosure are still higher in certain parts of the country, and this is providing more inventory that investors could use to build housing industry capital."

Until now, the average investor has had few methods available wit which to research where to buy and which properties to buy, outside of realtors or REI clubs. JWB's site changes all that by providing everything an investor needs to know about bulk REO properties in one site, such as a complete definition of bank-owned real estate, how REO homes can be profitable, and three ways to profit from REO real estate.

This is one investment strategy discussed on JWB's website [3]. In addition to covering purchasing REO properties in bulk, the site also covers additional ways to buy properties, such as turnkey houses for those investors who do not have the time to research, buy, and flip houses. According to JWB, turnkey houses are available in Florida, which has consistently led the nation in foreclosures for the last several years, and other markets.

To assist investors choose which real estate markets to invest in, JWB also provides a listing [4] of the top rental markets in the U.S., which includes rental income averages in many cities.

While home flipping is not near the levels seen at the height of the foreclosure wave a few years ago in much of the country, it is still a very popular investment strategy in some areas, according to recent reports from Auction.com.