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Cornerstone Launches Subervicing Division

Cornerstone Servicing, a division of Cornerstone Capital Bank, SSB, and a provider of mortgage servicing solutions, has launched a subservicing business designed to empower homebuyers to be smart homeowners for life and fuel sustainable growth for lenders and investors of all shapes and sizes.

"Our goal is to ensure every homeowner has the support they need to make informed decisions and manage their mortgage with ease," said Toby Wells, President of Cornerstone Servicing. "With proactive engagement and intuitive technologies, our customizable subservicing solutions are uniquely designed to eliminate common pain points for homeowners such as unreliable service, confusing escrow changes, and lack of clear and timely information regarding their mortgage. We create an ideal homeowner experience to promote customer loyalty, healthy servicing portfolios, consistent cash flows, and sustainable growth for our clients—at a competitive cost of service."

Cornerstone Home Lending, now a division of Cornerstone Capital Bank, has resolved to bring servicing fully in-house to deliver service for the life of each loan and beyond. Cornerstone Servicing has boarded Cornerstone Home Lending's servicing portfolio and achieved immediate improvements across its customer experience and servicing operations. Led by a management team averaging more than 25 years of mortgage industry experience, Cornerstone Servicing combines superior service and user-friendly technologies with proactive processes and digestible communications to help make homeownership easy and convenient. Homeowners can log into the company's secure, user-friendly web portal or mobile app to access a complete view of their loan and 24/7 self-service options. An AI-powered virtual assistant offers immediate help navigating and utilizing the portal, with secured messaging available for more personalized assistance from Cornerstone Customer Care team members. The portal includes a learning center with helpful resources and tools designed to empower smart homeownership.

In late 2022, Cornerstone Home Lending announced the completion of its acquisition of and merger with The Roscoe Bank of Roscoe, Texas. The merger resulted in the formation of Cornerstone Capital Bank, which will held more than $380 million in regulatory capital and greater than $1.5 billion in assets, operating in three business segments: mortgage lending and servicing, commercial and retail banking, and institutional banking.

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