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Aspen Grove Solutions Renews National Appraisal Congress Sponsorship

Technology [1]In its second year, the National Appraisal Congress [2]—a Five Star Institute [3] membership group formed to advocate on behalf of appraisal professionals and the valuations industry—has signed property software and technology provider Aspen Grove Solutions [4] as a returning National Sponsor.

“Having worked closely for many years with The Five Star Institute, we welcomed the establishment of the newest Five Star member organization in February 2014 as a platform for appraisers and other valuation professionals in the industry to tackle the tough topics and collaborate on sustainable solutions for these critical industry functions,” said Edmond Buckley, president of Aspen Grove Solutions.

Aspen Grove’s renewal comes at a time when NAC members are spearheading initiatives designed to address issues impacting the valuations industry—namely barriers preventing entry into the appraisal profession, as well as a lack of standardization in regulations governing apprentice appraisers and routine background checks.

“The National Appraisal Congress is appreciative of Aspen Grove Solutions’ commitment to NAC and to the ongoing process of formulating best practices and strategic solutions for the appraisal industry as a whole,” said Ed Delgado, CEO and President of The Five Star Institute. “NAC is driven by its membership base and strategic partners—all of whom have taken the lead in resolving issues affecting valuations professionals across the country.”

What is the Five Star National Appraisal Congress?

The National Appraisal Congress (NAC) is a member-led group of appraisers and valuation professionals founded by the Five Star Institute in 2014. NAC continues to serve as the voice of appraisers, offering its membership opportunities to connect and collaborate on sustainable solutions and practical strategies for growing and improving the industry.

The strategic direction of NAC is developed and implemented by the Five Star Institute and NAC Board Members who bring decades of experience to their leadership roles.

Through the group’s parent organization, The Five Star Institute, members gain access to marketing tools, advocacy, research support, and opportunities to inform the opinions of key decision and policy makers on issues impacting the valuations industry.

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