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Realtor.com Still Sluggish Amidst DDoS Attack

Move, Inc., reported that it is continuing to combat the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack which has interrupted its websites' operations since mid-day June 17. The company said in a release that they are "working around-the-clock" to mitigate the attack and restore operations.

Concurrent with the attack, Move said they received a ransom demand to which they did not respond.

The company explained, "DDoS attacks on Internet-based businesses and associated ransom demands are unfortunately becoming more common. Move is consulting with appropriate federal law enforcement officials and other technology companies that have been targets of DDoS attacks in recent months to review best practices for responding. Law enforcement is working to determine the attack's origin."

Move operates Realtor.com, and as a result of the DDoS attack, the website is receiving massive amounts of traffic from external sources to Move's data center, making service intermittent.

"Our focus is to restore operations as quickly and securely as possible to provide consumers access to the most accurate residential listings available, and to support our real estate industry customers," said John Robison, Move's chief technology officer. "We appreciate our customers' understanding as we combat this attack on our services."

In a letter to the entire real estate industry, CEO Steve Berkowitz noted, "Attacks of this kind typically do not result in data loss or security breach, and we do not believe that this attack jeopardizes any data or its security on any of our websites."

He commented, "The amount of traffic makes our services unavailable to legitimate consumers and customers. Like other technology companies, Move has defended itself from DDoS attacks in past, however the scale of this week's attack is large enough to impact the company's network service providers."

Berkowitz echoed Robison's statement, saying he hopes to restore operations as quickly and as securely as possible.

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