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Cenlar Hires SVP of Default Operations

Central Loan Administration and Reporting (Cenlar) has hired Bob Hora as SVP of Default Operations. Joining the company effective June 17th, 2019, Bob will report to Tony Renzi, Cenlar’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

“Bob is a tremendous addition to our team,” said Mr. Renzi in a statement. “We have all of the key pieces in place that allow us to anticipate and respond to our clients’ changing needs, and provide them with the innovative, technology-driven solutions that will drive their success in the marketplace.”

Prior to joining Cenlar, Mr. Hora held senior positions at some of the country’s premier financial institutions, including Bank of America, Fannie Mae, GMAC Rescap and Wells Fargo. He has built and led default operations across diverse portfolios, mega scale and multiple-site operations. He has also consulted widely on default servicing in the industry.

Cenlar states that Mr. Hora will apply his significant mortgage banking experience and servicing expertise to the oversight of Default Operations, including Collections, Loss Mitigation, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Claims and REO.

"Bob’s primary mission will be to create and deliver profound value to our clients," Cenlar's statement noted. "He’ll work to reduce losses and enhance portfolio values by keeping borrowers in their homes through viable alternatives to foreclosure."