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The Case for Outsourcing in Property Preservation

property inspectionYou can pretty much guarantee that when anyone establishes a property preservation company, the first thing they focus on is the core part of the business, the actual inspection work. Of course, this is the right thing to do as, without success in this area, there simply is no business.

But, then a frustrating thing happens. More work generates an admin burden that can soon overwhelm any thriving business.

It’s at this point that a property preservation business has to make a critical choice, do you and your team focus your expertise and energies on the core business activities and ask the outsourcing experts to carry out the other activities like quality check and bid creation?

The clever answer is yes. 

That’s because, property preservation data entry is the most pertinent admin job and any mistakes in this area can carry serious consequences, which can have a long-term impact on not only the property preservation company but their client also.

By outsourcing to experts, property preservation companies can ensure that all their data entry needs are met in one single place by a dedicated data entry outsourcing company, allowing them to grow their business and do what they do best: attract more clients.

And the reasons don’t stop there. Property preservation companies should outsource their data entry because by working with the right data entry outsourcing partner they also gain:

  • Experience: The right data entry outsourcing partner will have USA property inspection and preservation data experience. 
  • Guaranteed compliance: The right partner will be compliant with industry regulations.
  • Added value: The right outsourcing company will provide insights, solutions, and best practice processes drawn from years of experience managing the complex data entry demands of global clients. 
  • Cost savings: They will help property preservation companies achieve cost savings, compared to having an in-house service.
  • Scalability: With the partner, property preservation companies have the immediate option of increasing or decreasing their data entry outsourcing team.
  • Quality: The right data entry outsourcing partner will provide increased data quality and accuracy.
  • Speed: They offer a fast turnaround with a 365/24/7 operation.
  • The highest standards of communication and service: They will prioritize communication and see how it ultimately defines the success of the relationship.
  • Advanced Security Protocols: The right partner will have full office and workstation CCTV camera monitoring, secure data transfer, and biometric password protected data access.
  • In-house Training Center: They will have a comprehensive training program designed with the help of leading industry experts.

Above all else, the right data entry outsourcing partner will be the complete solution to a property preservation companies’ admin burden and will allow them to focus on growing their business, at their pace.

About Author: Mit Somaiya

Mit Somaiya is a graduate from the EBS Business School, Germany. He has a rich experience in consulting for Social Business in Europe and Asia on the topics of Operational Excellence and Minimum Quality Standards. Somaiya's core specializations include strategic planning, operational benchmarking, optimizing workforce efficiency and foraying into newer business markets. For the Offshore Property Preservation division at IMS People, Somaiya is responsible for foraying into the U.S. REO market, making allied partnerships and overseeing operations to ensure quality services to clients.

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