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Law Firm Adopts Quandis Solution for Military Personnel Searches

Quandis, Inc. [1], a California-based mortgage servicing software provider, announced its new military search name permutation technology is now being used by Scott Law Firm [2], one of South Carolina's premier law firms serving the default servicing industry.

Using its name permutation search, Quandis says Scott Law Firm can now more efficiently identify active-duty military borrowers in the Department of Defense (DoD) database, allowing the firm to more easily comply with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

According to Quandis CEO Scott Stoddard, Scott Law Firm is the first law firm in the country to be aided by Quandis in automating DoD search permutations of all alias last names.

"They have been an outstanding group to work with on this exciting and innovative project," Stoddard said.

In addition to creating a comprehensive, advanced compliance solution for DoD searches, Quandis' solution also integrates with Scott Law Firm's case management system, enabling it to return search findings back into the system along with the DoD's official military status report—saving time and eliminating the potential for data re-entry errors.

"Checking the military status of borrowers holding mortgages is a responsibility that we at the law firm take very seriously," said Reginald P. Corley, managing attorney of Scott Law Firm. "Given the rapid scalability of Scott Law Firm systems, Quandis custom-configured searches for all name variations to be performed at every client-specific mandated milestone, ensuring compliance and quality service for our client base."