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Incenter Announces RemoteVal Inspection Technology

Incenter Appraisal Management has announced the launch RemoteVal, a tool that allows appraisers to complete thorough and compliant inspections without ever leaving their desks.

“For appraisers who are inundated with reports, RemoteVal makes life far easier,” said Mark Walser, President of Incenter Appraisal Management. “Instead of driving to several properties during the day, and then writing reports at night, they can potentially finish their work before dinner and spend more time with their families, or choose to complete more reports and generate more income in the same amount of time.”

Using RemoteVal, appraisers have the ability to take control of the homeowner’s smartphone camera, and then snap geographically verified, time-stamped images while directing the individual from room to room. In addition to photos, the appraiser can remotely capture gross living area measurements. RemoteVal has a built-in digital measuring tape, which incorporates 3D environment scanning technologies.

Other applications for RemoteVal include disaster inspections, insurance inspections, home equity loans, default servicing, and more.

“In addition to providing appraisers with more time to inspect and complete more properties during normal hours, RemoteVal also enables appraisers to inspect and complete a full appraisal even when there are pandemic or disaster scenarios that might prevent them from driving to the property,” added Walser.

RemoteVal has important implications for the ability of appraisers to conduct inspections even in situations where pandemic, hazard, natural disaster, safety, and area lockdown concerns are present. In conditions like these, appraisers can still perform their inspection safely for both themselves and the individual at the property, enabling velocity in critical times.

“The technology has important implications for borrowers, too,” said Walser. “For example, it makes rural homeowners’ properties easier to access, which could potentially reduce the costs of conducting appraisals in their neighborhoods.”

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