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Mortgage Industry Companies Rally to Support Military Veterans

Continuing a tradition of support for military families, the Veterans Financial Services Advisory Council (VFSAC) is hosting an online charity auction through October 5.

With items on the block ranging from school supplies to signed Joan Jett records and even a Walt Disney World Day pack, proceeds from the auction will benefit military veterans and their families.

To participate and bid, you can text "VFSAC2" to 76278 or click here for more information.

Edmond Buckley, Brand Ambassador for Aspen Grove Solutions and COO of VFSAC, told DS News that the auction is the first of four corporate social responsibility events the group has planned to support military veteran families in upcoming months. Other initiatives include crowdfunding, home donations, and "hands-on neighborhood assistance."

"Through the combination of our events, we aim to raise in excess of $1 million by this time next year," Buckley said. "We need the industry to support and encourage VFSAC to reach the goal, and the best way to do that today is to support this online auction."

Founded in 2015 by Ed Delgado, VFSAC is "working "to address the ongoing needs of veterans and their families in search of support related to housing and critical services." This is the second year in a row that the group has hosted this charity auction.

Robert Caruso, CEO of ServiceMac and a member of the VFSAC Executive Council, told DS News that the auction was "an easy way for people to participate and help our veterans." He also noted the quality of some of the items on offer, saying that participating in the auction was "win-win for both the veterans and for those people who want to help."

VFSAC's supporting companies include Auction.com, Five Brothers Asset ManagementRushmore Loan Management Services, and dozens more. You can see the full list of supporters here.

In 2019, VFSAC also hosted a charity golf tournament that included participation from many of the same groups.

Caroline Reaves, CEO of Mortgage Contracting Services, said both herself and many members of the MCS team have been "passionate supporters of the military and our veterans." She added, "We are excited to continue this support with the second annual VFSAC auction."


Editor’s note: Although VFSAC was founded by Five Star Global Chairman Emeritus Ed Delgado, it is an independent working group and is not affiliated with Five Star Global, Five Star Institute, or any of its companies.

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